New Garage Comments

  1. dyll
    my god, dude how much power are you pushing!
  2. dyll
    thats a clone!!! holy hell you did an amazing job,
  3. dyll
    what times are you running? what POWER are we making? such a clean ride man!!
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  4. Sara Moore
    Its awesome buddy... ;)
  5. quickstage1
    10.9 @ 124, Rebuilding the transmission now and making a few changes. Hopefully a little bit quicker this year.
  6. dyll
    what times are you running?
  7. cdnwillyg
    Nice to see another 62 Skylark here! Hows the build going?
  8. Choriso
    Ok so after a few hours I got the 455 installed. The donor engine is from a 1974 Riviera with a long tail th400. Any advice on driveshaft mods to get it to hook up with original rearend? I read mix info about weather or not you can use a long...