New Garage Comments

  1. 66electrafied
    The Electra is headed off the west coast for it's annual tour; - just spent a fortune getting fluids changed and topped up. Might get so new pictures, depend how bad the smoke is on the way out. Still a lot of fires burning in the interior of BC.
  2. mrolds69
    Thanks guys! It also was ordered with a factory trailer tow hitch.
  3. 66electrafied
    Gorgeous car! All the right bells and whistles too!
  4. Chi-Town67
  5. BYoung
    Looks like it was worth every bit of time you have spent on it. Gorgeous!
  6. mrolds69
    It's getting there! This car is 1 of 4 1970 real black GS 455 's built in Fremont CA. How many triple black? Who knows? Equipped with PS PDB PT AC AM-FM Posi Cruise Rallye Ride suspension with correct WG's, among other stuff. I've been working on...
  7. SwissNic
    Thanks for these pictures, they are very motivating showing that an "abandonned" car can have a second life and bring joy to her new, carrying owner. Put a lot of miles to it. Best regards, SwissNic.
  8. chucknixon
    Absolutely awesome car. Influenced me to convert my black 1967 SportWagon to a GS 400 clone! 5+ stars
  9. sean Buick 76
    I like it! How long have you had it and how fast has it ran?
  10. Huggy14
    Nice Ride...! You really set the bar high on this one :)