New Garage Comments

  1. RoseBud68
    That is going to look great. Be shore to post quality photo when done.
  2. Sailor77
    What is the suspension and wheel combo?
  3. Harley Biggers
    That's clean. I have a 71 in Apollo white. Finishing rebuilding her 455 this summer.
  4. Michael Martin
    incredible build, itll be very clean once its all done. my 71 350 has something to shoot for now, going stock or making some mods?
  5. Mr Big
  6. Opa
    Nice its that we are far away from each other, otherwise I would come and look at your car. And maybe we could do a trade with our 72 GSX clone. :) Cause I love nice Park Avenue's !
  7. Michael_G
    Sharp! I'm guessing father on viewers left? -MIG
  8. Michael_G
    Sweet! Looking forward to seeing this come together... :D -MIG
  9. Michael_G
    She's quite the beauty... AWESOME Find! I'd love to have a tank like that here in Miami... heh! :D -MIG
  10. Opa
    Great find I drove the 94-96 Park Avenue models from 2004-2018, good survivor cars are hard to find here now. We love the RDW PA's to.
  11. RoseBud68
  12. 69wildcatgs
    Monster transmission is now installed......however now I need a custom crossmember. My stock unit will not take the same trans mount that the new trans takes. Plus the clearance for the exhaust collectors are at a wider point than the stock one...
  13. dloftis
    This was a Minnesota dealer car originally. I am the 3rd owner and it has 70k miles on it. Interior is mint.
  14. Michael_G
    Beautiful ride in my favorite blue... :) -MIG
  15. 66electrafied
    Absolutely gorgeous, I love that colour!
  16. RoseBud68
    Always did love that color combo.....
  17. Alan Sholtis
    Great Pics! Great use of the sun, you utilized it and it didn't "get in the way". Funny how a little photo skills transform a pic. Have you had a chance to drive down through the little towns by Eagles nest or down to Hallstatt on the way to the...
  18. Alan Sholtis
    Hey! How is the frame off restoration going? Any regrets? Any Advice?