This Pontiac has a 425 nailhead with a aftermarket TKO 500 transmission. I have blown up the rear end 4 times. It has been my daily driver for for almost 2 years. Drove it to Bonneville Salt Flats in 2016.
I'm 17 and I daily drive my 1966 Electra. Engine I'd the 401 nail head and the trans is a 3 spd auto. I don't know what it is exactly. When i got it the car had 38,851 miles. It now has 42,234. The car had been in the family so those are real miles.
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1972 Sportwagon found thru
69 GS400 Cloned Stage 1 GSX 455 700R4 4 wheel disc brakes
Customer wanted me to tow to the crusher. I gave him scrap weight price and decided to restore. Only had 30k miles. Hadn't ran on 8 years. I found the rotor button out 180 degrees. Turn button and started right up.
1966 Buick grand sport
I am trying to help someone that works with me find his old baby. It is a 1967 Grand Sport Convertible. Vin # 446677B128532. If there is anyone out there that can help guide me find this vehicle, would be much appreciated.
1971 GSX clone. 455 Stage 1 engine, frame on restoration with complete new interior in saddle brown.