1964 buick riviera

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  1. SwitchMan
    Odd how I've never seen a 1st generation Riviera as a kid (only sold '65s and up in Canada I believe) and now they are popping up everywhere. Sadly, about a 3rd being parted-out. In April 2015 there were 10 listed for sale in Alberta alone.

    I have a '63 with supposedly 69K but even so, there's a never ending list that needs attention. I could've restored 2.5 vintage pickup trucks and I'm far from finished.
    Removing the oil pan and cleaning out years of "gray paint" was a must. A valve job with hardened exhaust inserts in '91 was a mistake I later learned but luckily, no problems.
    There were many refinements, most notably, the ST400 in '64 and then the variable pitch ST400 in '65. The latter 2 with a dual CV joint drive shaft.
    The Riviera in '63 was the 1st hardtop to have frame-less side glass although flat as in traditional hardtops at the time. GM being leaders refined this to curved side glass in the new mid size A-bodies in '64. The Riviera had removable door skins to allow for adjustments. This also made it easy to repair these panels.
    Little things such as signal light cable and switch with a tilt column and cornering lights might need attention.
    Keep the dashpad inside in the winter if its parked outside if not yet cracked.
    It's fun to identify your ride. Number on the engine block matches VIN? Block ID is "L_"? The LX is for 2X4 barrel carburetors.
    Clark's Corvairs has been great for interior restoration.
    If not rusted beyond reason, Riviera's seem to run for ever, even if they're not finished. Be patient and tackle your to-do-list 1 at 1 time.
  2. 1964 rivi
    Looking for as much information on this car as possible. I believe I'm the second owner of this car, and would like to gain more knowledge of it.