1969 Buick Skylark 455 Swap

  • Betty was my first car since I was 15. I have towed her around for close to 22 years. I had some of my greats moments it this car and now it’s time to pay her back for her loyal service. I am doing this on my own and am going to need the community’s help. Hope this helps anyone going from a 350 to 455 swap.

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  1. Kurt Larsen
    Hi,is the engine mount brakets the org one? silver paintet on the picture. Regard Kurt
  2. Choriso
    Ok so after a few hours I got the 455 installed. The donor engine is from a 1974 Riviera with a long tail th400. Any advice on driveshaft mods to get it to hook up with original rearend? I read mix info about weather or not you can use a long tail in a 1969 Skylark 455 swap. Also any info on the bolt size used to connect the transmission to the 350 crossbeam? Any help would be appreciated.