1970 GS 455

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  1. 72STAGE1
  2. Chi-Town67
    Beautiful car! That color pops in the sun and looks great.
    1. Rob696
      Love the color.

      Came stock with a White Vinyl Top. Really tempted to bring it back to that. I haven't seen too many that are Burnished Saddle + White Vinyl Top

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  1. gssizzler
    The very first Buick Gran Sport that I looked at to buy when I was 18 years old was almost exactly like your car! What a beautiful car! Didn't get to buy it as Dad said no way!, as it was way to fast of a car!
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    1. Rob696
      That's awesome. I talk to a lot of guys and gals at local shows who have similar stories about various cars. Very much love the color. Just debating what to do next. :)
      Rob696, Dec 15, 2017
  2. 72STAGE1
    Damn pretty.
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