'67 GS400

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  1. Mr. Mike
    How many hours did it take to get it that straight? It is just amassing. I love the white interior with all the 67's chrome inside. Buick did it all right on
    this car. My 69 doesn't look as good inside.
  2. mrolds69
    "Black Cars Rule!!!"
    I just wish they were easier to keep clean. Very sharp '67 you have there Nick!
  3. BadBrad
    In love

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  1. SwitchMan
    1967 was a great model year. Things got bulkier on American Cars after that.
    Your GS was about as good as it gets for a muscle car with a solid build.
    Love your redline rubber, red detail and classic lines. Those flying buttresses!
    This one would be a keeper if it were mine.
  2. chucknixon
    Absolutely awesome car. Influenced me to convert my black 1967 SportWagon to a GS 400 clone! 5+ stars
    A fantastic '67.
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  4. 67 Post GS
    Very nice car (SWEET CAR) do you have a picture of the trunk open showing tail lights and color of trunk paint ? please send to rkazzmarek@netzero.com Thanks Ron
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    1. Chi-Town67
      Sorry Ron, I don't have a good shot of the trunk right now. Though I can tell you the paint color is black and aqua spatter. Thanks for the compliment!
      Chi-Town67, Apr 1, 2017
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