'67 GS400

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  1. Michael_G
    Drop-dead gorgeous!
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  2. gokitty
    "Glamorous Class!"
    The brilliance of the glossy paint on Nick's '67 is even further highlighted by the elegance of it's sparkling white interior. Taken together, this combination provides a perfect palette for the contrast of the glittering chrome and crimson trim and engine. This automobile could have been fabricated in Tiffany's workshops, it's that striking.
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  3. 68 Wildcat
    "Love the quality of the paint!!!"

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  1. Michael_G
    Beautiful ride...
  2. PGSS
    Just about the most beautiful 67 GS iv'e seen,, Just WOW!
    1. PGSS
      Miss quoted, it IS the most beautiful of any 67 GS iv'e seen!!
      67 and the 70 GS's were by far the best of all. Not one line body line, on these 2 could be improved on, and to add the 67's and 66 recessed rear windows are classic. 67 nose is just so much nicer than the 66.. "knock on wood" and enjoy for years!
      Can I ask what you have for rear gears? and Kitty's car too?
      How much work was involved to get to this 10 star car, as I can't log in and find your older posts..
      PGSS, Mar 23, 2018
  3. SwitchMan
    1967 was a great model year. Things got bulkier on American Cars after that.
    Your GS was about as good as it gets for a muscle car with a solid build.
    Love your redline rubber, red detail and classic lines. Those flying buttresses!
    This one would be a keeper if it were mine.
  4. chucknixon
    Absolutely awesome car. Influenced me to convert my black 1967 SportWagon to a GS 400 clone! 5+ stars
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    A fantastic '67.
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  6. 67 Post GS
    Very nice car (SWEET CAR) do you have a picture of the trunk open showing tail lights and color of trunk paint ? please send to rkazzmarek@netzero.com Thanks Ron
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    1. Chi-Town67
      Sorry Ron, I don't have a good shot of the trunk right now. Though I can tell you the paint color is black and aqua spatter. Thanks for the compliment!
      Chi-Town67, Apr 1, 2017
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