'67 GS400

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  1. gokitty
    "Glamorous Class!"
    The brilliance of the glossy paint on Nick's '67 is even further highlighted by the elegance of it's sparkling white interior. Taken together, this combination provides a perfect palette for the contrast of the glittering chrome and crimson trim and engine. This automobile could have been fabricated in Tiffany's workshops, it's that striking.
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  2. 68 Wildcat
    "Love the quality of the paint!!!"
  3. mrtgman2
    "Very nice"
    Very nice
  4. Mr. Mike
    How many hours did it take to get it that straight? It is just amassing. I love the white interior with all the 67's chrome inside. Buick did it all right on
    this car. My 69 doesn't look as good inside.
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  5. mrolds69
    "Black Cars Rule!!!"
    I just wish they were easier to keep clean. Very sharp '67 you have there Nick!
  6. BadBrad
    In love
  7. 72STAGE1
    "Amazing Car"
  8. SpecialWagon65
    "Five Stars Not Enough!"
    Beautiful job.
  9. 66electrafied
    Love the car, that colour really accentuates the lines!
    The pinstriping really makes it snap; gives me the encouragement to finish mine, it's the last thing I have to do to my 'Cat!