70 Skylark

  • '70 Skylark
    First car. I've owned it since 1988.
    Gessler ported Edelbrock heads
    Scott Brown solid lifter cam
    Ported T/A intake and Proform 950 carb
    Poston 1-7/8" headers and 3" exhaust
    TH400 with TSP 9.5" converter
    3.73 gears
    Factory bucket seats and console
    Best ET-10.9
    Best MPH-124.7

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  1. quickstage1
    10.9 @ 124, Rebuilding the transmission now and making a few changes. Hopefully a little bit quicker this year.
  2. dyll
    what times are you running?
  3. quickstage1
    It's usually in the mid to high 1.50's. Plan on getting new tires this year and switching to 4.10 gears. It's all steel except for front bumper and full factory bucket seat interior so its a pretty heavy car.
  4. Buickrat1
    Great MPH what does the car 60 ft?