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Totally fake yet enjoyable reverse restoration of what I wish I had as a wee lad.Current plan is to drive anywhere I damn well please,burn rubber & repeat OFTEN! Best 60' time to date 48 minutes with family and pets push/pulling.
1969 Buick Skylark Custom swap from 350 to 455.
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Don't let this old beater fool you. This is a daily driven Buick powered rat rod that I use for commuting, working, and towing.
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1972 Sportwagon found thru
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The "Rusty Hulk", 1972 Skylark frame off restored, converted to a BBB/4-speed
Took it apart to repair some serious rust. It's starting to go back together.
Drivers side door jamb section
My 1970 “race car” skylark
1969 Buick Skylark Base Purchased on 11/13/18 in Collinsville, Tx with my brother Chris Taylor from 5th owner who had owned for 24 years and car had never run during that time. Bought to get it running and leave as patina. Changed out original 350-2 engine with 2 speed turbo transmission with Shane Butler due to rust in block with a 69 350-4 RP engine & 350 Turbo Transmission. Ray Engine had to bore 2nd engine .30 over with new pistons, rings, push rods, lifters with a TA Performance...
Big block buick swap into 79 Corvette
Customer wanted me to tow to the crusher. I gave him scrap weight price and decided to restore. Only had 30k miles. Hadn't ran on 8 years. I found the rotor button out 180 degrees. Turn button and started right up.