Iron "Irene" Maiden

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  • This is a New Jersey raised 1972 Sport wagon that survived Hurricane Irene in 2011. Car was partially fresh water flooded during the storm up to the brake pedals.. one of my Buick buddies saw it on and brought it here to Ohio. I bought it from him in 2014.. here is the original ad This is going to be a tribute of sorts to all the old station wagons that were around in the late 70's that your broke a$$ hoodlum friend would buy for $50-100 bucks, pick you and 4 other friends up in, alter your mind and cruise around town jamming to the heavy metal hard rock bands of the era.

    It's in really good shape overall (was a grandma car first, then a house painter supply hauler 2nd owner who blew up the 350 and sold it to the v8buick member named Dennis) and I the current owner is making a driver anywhere, have fun, not worry about car. It's going to have a 1969 Buick 400 with all Kenne Bell internal components including pistons, roller rockers, 118 cam and even the black crinkle valve covers everyone goes gaga over (this engine found me thru my buddy at a machine shop.. If they make a movie about it, has to be named "When Irene met Kenne"

    I'm also converting it to a 4 speed. I've redone the engine compartment, a new front suspension, brakes, springs & shocks. clutch pedals are installed.. getting ready to drop the motor and trans in and have a party.. oh ya I thru a pistol grip shifter in it too.. P8050183.jpg 20180317_202617.jpg 20180218_120143.jpg 20180505_205606.jpg 20180512_082714.jpg 20180428_182418.jpg
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  1. Dennis S
    My old car ....Happy to see it coming alive.

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  1. ray morris
    That would be fun to drive >>>
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  2. Dennis S
    Kenny, good luck with old gal Irene . Was nice talking to you in the phone . Let's see some update pics.
  3. Jonah Halbert
    That sounds like it'll be a fun car. I'm 17 years old and I daily drive my 1966 buick electra. It has the 401 nail head engine but im.not sure what transmission. It's a 3 speed automatic.