15x8 buick rally rims

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    I have 2 new, mounted one time, never even on the ground, 15"x8" wheel vintiques buick rally rims. 4.75" b.c., 4.5" b.s.. I cant use them because they wont fit inside of the wheel wells on my 69 skylark. Located in Akron Ohio 44310. $400 for the pair. I'd prefer not to ship, it wouldn't be cost effective for you. Local pick up preferred. Get in line, then message with interest.

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    Can't believe these didn't sell in minutes.
    Guys, these sell for $230 each at Summit when they are available.
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    how big of a tire did you use ? where was it close ? bottom center where the wheel well bumps out ? was one side a lot tighter than the other ?
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    i used a 275/60/15, there was about a 2" space between the back side of the tire and the inside of the wheel housing. a 5.5" backspace, instead of a 4.5" would be way more ideal for these rims on a standard stepchild wheelwell. i didnt realize this when i bought the rims. it was close right on the lip of the wheelwell, when i say close, the face of the tire was almost flush with the face of the fender.
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