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  1. 66GSconv.

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    I'm looking for a source for repo rally wheels I've tried Mcwheels but he seems not to be able to source the a 8" rim steve caruso seemed to have the same problem. it needs to have a 5.5 bs for a 255/60 on a 66skylark Thank You
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    255/60 fits fine on 15x7. I don't know about what BS needs to be for a 66
  5. 66GSconv.

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    having trouble with those sources on getting a 5.5 BS, might have to force to look at a 15x7 with a BS of 5" anyone running 15x8 on the 66/67 a-bodies pics and details please
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  6. 66GSconv.

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    talk to wheel vintiques today they will not do a BS more than 5.25
  7. LARRY70GS

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    Are you sure you need more than that? You shouldn't, not on an 8" rim.
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    Im running a 15x8 wheel vintages on a 67 and there is plenty of room with a 235/60-15. so much room that im sure a 255/60-15 will fit
  10. 66GSconv.

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    Larry, This a quote from Walt. I've had lots conversions about this with him, right to the point of bugging him but I can't afford a $500 trial and error so was hoping some one has or had tried this combo

    No, 255's fit fine with the correct backspace..... 5" for a 15x7, 5-1/2" for a 15x8.

    With less backspace, say 15x7 with 4-3/8", the tire is close to the outside fender/quarter panel lip. It might rub sometimes. There is more room on the inside, so moving the tires in (with more backspace) centers the tire in the wheel well
    wkillgs Gold Level Contributor
    5.25 on a 8" wheel should fit better than what I'm using.
    The 15x7 Buick mags are 4-3/8" BS, or 4.375". Going to an 8" wheel would add 0.5" to the BS, so 4.875".
    5.25" BS would tuck the tires in another 0.375", or 3/8".
    You may still get an occasional rub. A rear sway bar will help to keep the rear from moving around.
  11. 66GSconv.

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    dr. what is the BS on your 15x8
  12. LARRY70GS

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    I guess the 66 must be different even than the 68-69.
  13. 66GSconv.

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    Update, I now have a pair of 255/60/15 with a 5.5" B.S. under the convertible. there is about maybe 1" clearance between frame rail and about 1.5 from fender edge. I can't thank wkillgs/walt enough for his guidance's he was spot on with everything

    Thank You, Walt
  14. agetnt9

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    What,,, No Pics ????
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  15. What have you used please? Looking for the same for my 66 Sportwagon. Using the 8 1/2" rear it needs that back spacing. It also needs to be a steel or tough wheel as it will be used for towing.
    Thank you. Ian
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    I have 15x8 with 5.5" BS on mine. I can't even visualize a 5.5" BS on a 7" rim. Are you sure you need that much on a `66? Seems like a lot. I always thought the `66-`67 Skylarks had more room than the `65, and I have 275/60 tires on the back. I also have a `68 rearend that is 1/2" wider on each end. Tape a piece of string with a small weight on the end to your quarter panel and use that as a reference to measure to the axle flange.
  17. 66GSconv.

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    there's not a lot of choices out there anymore so I called Wheel Vintiques and ask if they could give me a 5.5 B.S. on a 15x8" they said they could. So I got back on the phone with summit racing and ordered the wheels, free delivery and promo code that put the 2 wheels on my porch for $450 in about 6 weeks really nice wheels, but must have used some kind of water color for the paint you can scratch it with your fingernail. I would be surprised if you could get much more tire under it by the way its a stock rear end
  18. Doo Wop

    Doo Wop Where were you in '62?

    I have 2/15 by 8 with 5" backspace. They have never been on a car. They have tires on them which will be removed, 295/50/15s. Wheels were made by the master, Mr. Caruso.
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    Are these for sale? If so, I may be interested.
  20. thebuick

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    in line as well.pending pics.

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