1963 401 nailhead marine

Discussion in ''Da Nailhead' started by robert caris, Oct 22, 2017.

  1. robert caris

    robert caris Active Member

    I sent you pm I hope it went, not too good at pms
  2. robert caris

    robert caris Active Member

    dave I sent you a pm. let me know if you got it. thanks bob
  3. dual-quadism

    dual-quadism Black on Black

    Hi Bob, yes, I will be giving you a call this weekend. Thanks!
  4. robert caris

    robert caris Active Member

    i am posting these for sale on parts for sale, look there.
  5. Schurkey

    Schurkey Silver Level contributor

    The main problems with "marine" engines:
    1. If they're lakewater cooled, the engine blocks and heads can have substantial corrosion. If the cylinder walls are corroded enough, they can pinhole and leak coolant into the cylinder, or leak cylinder pressure into the cooling system. This is soon followed by Sudden Terminal Disassembly. STDs are never fun.

    2. Marine engines tend to be run HARD, and "put away wet". They live a tough life even when the hourmeter might say otherwise. Often, the block temperature is low enough to cause cylinder-bore wear and oil contamination.

    A real-live reverse-rotation engine will have a crankshaft that may have different machining at the rear main seal. It's a sure leaker unless the machining is changed, and a neoprene seal used instead of the Hateful Rope.

    The seal surface on the crank can have a series of indents intended to pull oil out of the seal. Looks like "/////////////" embossed into the seal surface of the crank. The reverse-rotation cranks have these marks the opposite direction, so that if an incorrect "direction" crank is used, it pushes oil under the rope seal. The marks need to be polished down.

    I suppose the same thing could happen at the rope seal on the damper.

    CHECK THE PARTS to see how they're machined.
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  6. 8ad-f85

    8ad-f85 Well-Known Member

    Excellent post^^^

    The OP was doing this just to generate interest as a sales post...I suspect.
  7. robert caris

    robert caris Active Member

    thank for your input on the engines. I was going to use them but changed my mind. I posted them so if someone would want them. I bought these engines to save them . thanks again schurkey I did not pull the cranks out of them but my engine builder said the same thing. as far as them being dirty they are not.
  8. robert caris

    robert caris Active Member

    these are still for sale, will separate them.
  9. John Codman

    John Codman Platinum Level Contributor

    Likely that the 280 HP is because the engines are rated at a lower RPM then passenger car engines.

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