1965 Buick Special

Discussion in 'Cars for sale' started by exhaust plus, Aug 13, 2019.

  1. exhaust plus

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    Nice driver, 87,000 miles, super sport wheels. 300 v-8, automatic. Needs a good cleaning, very minimal rust. Needs carpet, and rear package shelf. Needs headliner cleaned. Had the factory plastic on the seats when I got it. They are almost like new. Chrome is nice, grille is almost perfect. Lots of nice original parts on this car. $3500. Email for more pictures, thanks, Scott 605-677-9198
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  2. philbquick

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    That's a good price for a convertible!
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  3. Green_Goblin

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  4. exhaust plus

    exhaust plus Well-Known Member

    Sent pictures out to 3 people. Maybe they can post them? Thanks,Scott
  5. Houmark

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    I received an email earlier today, will post the pictures tommorow..

    From what a saw, it is a beige/sand 4 door post car, with 64 tail ligths
  6. exhaust plus

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  7. Houmark

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    Ye, sorry..

    Life got in the way..
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  8. GKMoz

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    65 specials had those tail lights original, the Skylarks / GS's in 65 had the tail lights that went all the way across.
  9. GranSportSedan

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    Thank you for the pictures. It's a nice car. unfortunately I'm looking for a 2 door. You shouldn't have too much trouble getting it sold
  10. gssizzler

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    Special deluxe! I had one and just loved that car! Dig those 71 super sport wheels! Drive it every day like I did mine! Good luck with the sale! IMG_20180209_131739_hdr.jpg

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