1965 Wildcat $1500

Discussion in 'Cars and Parts For Sale Leads' started by Philip66, Jan 5, 2020.

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    Great find, if that 425 is a good core then that is a great price! Buy an engine and trans core and get a free car.:cool:

    If in I had room I would be making the trip to pick that thing up! Would look great parked next to my '65 Impala!

    STAGE III Lost Experimental Block

    I can hear my wife now....... “Wait,wait...I already know this story... it only needs tires & a battery..... and of course a new gas tank,carb kit,new fuel & brake lines,master cylinder & brake cylinders just for safety sake.......motor is locked down but can probably be freed so just needs a cheap BASIC rebuild so may as well do the transmission so it won’t be the weak link(and rebuild suspension while everything is out) & only replace the fluids in the rear end and the u-joints & pinion seal,needless to say the shocks while already under there and just one transverse common muffler & pipes, I can fab makeshift floor pans & trunk all by myself until a later date so I can just enjoy it for now, I can probably buff the paint out decent for now & do exterior patch panels later. The only extra thing I would want to do is a nice new interior & windshield so you’d enjoy it and be comfortable while we cruise in it (cuz I luz ya : ) I won’t even ask for anything for my birthday unless you wanna buy some exterior chrome but nah nah that’s not necessary, oops I almost forgot I need to rent a trailer too”

    She literally quoted all this almost word for word to me years ago on one of my panting “It’s a STEAL...I gotta get it!” deals”
    After 30 years of marriage she has me figured out pretty good:D:D
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    STAGE III Lost Experimental Block

    If I am reading it correctly it has a “Do not attempt to resuscitate” tag on the drivers side mirror from the previous broken hearted owner. Lol
    Do like the body style though : )
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    It's kinda good and also kinda bad when they figure us out with that much detail.
    At first you think, my wife loves me soooo much she actually paid attention to what I was telling her. Then you realize she has nailed you to the wall leaving you no wiggle room at all.

    STAGE III Lost Experimental Block

    She was pretty impressed with herself & laughing her head off lol so I can’t really complain. the only no wiggle room I have is from all these dang parts EVVVVERYwhere:D:rolleyes:
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    Hi all,

    Been on craigslist for more than a year if not 2, neat car if it was done

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    It is up in Yadkin County. He had several listed before. It looked like they were in flood.
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    So it's basically just a collection of musty and rusty parts then. Mr. Fritz is right, it's probably a "Do not Resuscitate" tag on the mirror.

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