1966 Wildcat Sport Coupe

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  1. Chuck Bridges

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    I am starting a new thread as the other one is getting long for Wet Behind The Ears. Today I drove my girl down to Bob, my mechanic to install the gauges in her. I actually looked at the dash a few times looking for the temperature gauge. Nope, not yet anyway. I am looking forward to getting her back, probably in a few days. At least she was under a cover so, no snow. By the time I got to the mechanic the motor was warm and I was getting good heat. I plugged it in a few days ago. I pumped it twice, turned it over a few times, one more pump and she roared to life. I love that car.:)
  2. Topcat

    Topcat Got TORQUE?

    Post some pictures Chuck.....i would love to see her !

    Peace WildBill
  3. Chuck Bridges

    Chuck Bridges Well-Known Member

    Here are some old pictures. I had more on my computer, but, crash.... all gone. I polished up the chrome this summer and got her road safe.

    SG1L8374.jpg Side.png Wildcat.jpg Chrome grill.png
  4. Topcat

    Topcat Got TORQUE?

    Love the blue w/white painted hardtop and cornering lights !!!!

    65 hubcaps are ok but 66 are better....imho

    Nice 'Cat you have there !!!

    Peace WildBill
  5. Chuck Bridges

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    Thank you. She is a survivor. My Brother-In-Law owned her for 12 years. He had the interior redone and did some bodywork. He then painted it himself. During that time, I admired her, but, knew he would never get rid of her. He had the Wildcat, 3 Lincolns (62 Convertible, 64 Hardtop and 57 hardtop) a Studebaker, 2 Cadillac's, A BMW (Small 2 seater right hand drive), a Dodge 1 ton Diesel, a Motorhome, and a Cessna (1957 172). Yeah, he never married, has many other toys as well. He lives with his Mom, taking care of the property for her and told me in April that he has to get rid of some of his cars. I asked "Not the Wildcat, I hope!) Yeah he said, you interested? Yes, but no. I cannot afford it. He then drove it down the next month 450 miles and said "Happy Birthday!" You could have knocked me over with a feather. I think my smile reached right around my head and touch in back. So far, I have spent $6000 Can. on the car. In the spring I am going to drive it back up and we are going to rebuild the engine. I have ordered the parts the mechanic suggested, but cannot afford another $5500+ for him to do the work. Reality rears it's ugly head, I do have bills. I also ordered a set of vintage style Cragar rims for her. Going to be a sweet ride when I am done. The last thing will be the paint job. In the meantime, she lives under a car cover in my parking spot.
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