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Discussion in 'Members Rides' started by DarkHorse, Jun 11, 2020.

  1. DarkHorse

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    Hello everyone,

    My brother and I found a survivor 67 Riviera sitting lonely in the desert several months ago. We finally were able to pick it up, and begin it's journey back to cruising the road. From what we were told, it had not been on the road since 1983 - just sitting in a shed. Sitting motionless for 37 years.

    Well, we are certainly going to change that. Here we go!

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  2. DarkHorse

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    First up - all 4 tires had to be replaced, before we could even get it up on the haul trailer. That's when we found out the brakes are shot. Thankfully, the emergency brake actually works. It's amazing to think how skinny the tires were back then, hauling around 4400 lbs, and drum brakes. After several hours of loading/pulling/towing 101, the hauler was able to load the arctic white luxury cruiser.
  3. DarkHorse

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    The Riviera makes it safely home, and preparations begin for Phase 1 - Let's see if it starts!

    Can we manually turn the crank, or is it locked up? Yes - it turns freely!

    Preparations continue - New Battery, plugs, fluids. Lubricate the engine, pull the plugs, set up a fresh gas source.

    We're thinking, will this beast actually start and run after 37 yrs? Everything looks to be there. Let's give it a shot...




    <Apologies for video quality>
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  4. lemmy-67

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    Nice find...body is straight, engine is unmolested & even has the coveted wire hubcaps. Get ready to drop the fuel tank & change out the send unit, and if there was coolant in the block you'll need to change out the water pump & heater core at a minimum. If the carb is stock, you'll need to go through it top to bottom to seal off any fuel well and/or vacuum leaks.
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  5. DarkHorse

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    Good information Len - thank you!

    We let it idle for a good hour. The A/C worked, but didn't blow cold. The heater worked. The headlights worked. All the power windows worked, except the driver rear. The radio and clock did not work. It's funny that the original owner of this car splurged for an additional speaker in the rear, but kept the AM radio.

    It appears the Q-Jet is original.

    I hope to get back at it this weekend.

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  6. lemmy-67

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    Glad it's running & on its way to full restoration. Looks like it doesn't have any dimples in the front bumper from that lousy jack, either...so it's a very fine specimen you have there. If the q-jet is original, it may just need a minor tear down to install the throttle bushings, marine-tex the primary/secondary wells, and put ethanol-resistant parts in.

    Driver's side rear regulator may just be stuck, mine gives me issues there, too.

    If you have a chance to look, check your motor mounts...they commonly rot out & replacements are very hard to locate. Stock 455 mounts won't fit.
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    Sweet score. Damnit I LOVE 66 and 67 Riv's. Such a beautiful body. Nice unusual colors too. Good for you.

    PS: Cool to see it has the bucket seat back bench seat. My 66 GS had that too. Love your car!!

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