1967 Buick Special ( My winter project )

Discussion in 'Members Rides' started by Ken keefe, Apr 4, 2019.

  1. Ken keefe

    Ken keefe Buick Strong

    console.jpg new car.jpg hood scoops.jpg new tires.jpg fenders.jpg aircleaner.jpg My winter project is to rekindle the fire that once lived 50 some odd years ago. I will be up grading the engine to a 340 4bbl carb. Center console, hood scoops with new fenders and quarter panels I picked up in New Hampshire. Going to keep it the original color ( Aqua Marine ). Have some pics of what been done so far.

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  2. BuickLark66

    BuickLark66 Lost in space

    Hey, that looks familiar.
    Only mine has is a more door.
    (ignore the wheels, they are rollers).
    Cool car, good luck with the resto.

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  3. Ken keefe

    Ken keefe Buick Strong

    Thanks, will post with updates.

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