1967 Chrysler 300

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    The Kleenex box on wheels...these things were all unibody cars, so rust is a big deal. If this one is solid, then the price point is bang-on. It would all depend on what it had for options as well, these things are barges that handle a lot worse than a comparable Buick. So in order to get a good experience in one of these things, you have to like the styling, it has to have some options, and with a 440 it's a blast in a straight line.
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    a buick has a softer ride but sorry no way a buick handles better than a leaf spring ,torsion bar chrysler.
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    I guess it's a matter of opinion, but I've driven both, I grew up with these miserable things, and I'll put my Electra against that barge any day of the week and out drive or out-handle it. Yes, in theory, those torsion bars were supposed to be superior, in actuality they weren't. The killer on those cars was the weight distribution, they never properly balanced them, and the front ends were always loaded wrong. And with those leafs, it had a nasty habit of either curling and hopping when the coals were poured on, or chattering off into next week on railroad tracks or washboard. Twisted out more driveshafts and u-joints in those things, got to be really good at at swapping out yokes because they'd always snap. Chrysler power steering left something to be desired too; there was no such thing as even rudimentary road fell, it felt just like a water wheel.
    At any rate, neither here nor there; I wouldn't buy this just because of my own personal bias against Chrysler products, I'd sooner cut off my left testicle than own anything made by Chrysler. My personal experiences with them were all so bad, there's no redemption, or explaining them off, every one I ever encountered either rusted out, died a horrible death, was never reliable, or just cost needless money in stupid repairs. Every time I'd go for a ride in one the end result was a walk or a tow truck. I spent 3 years of my teenage life swapping motors, transmissions, ball joints and shocks in late 60s-early 70s Chrysler cars, and besides the power of those engines, I can't see why anyone would have paid money for them, because everything they ever built was just cheaply constructed and designed to prematurely fail. They had built in obsolescence down to a science before anyone else.
    As I said, just my personal opinion.
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    That`s a `68...
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    Yes it is....here's another in this area for sale: https://spokane.craigslist.org/cto/d/colbert-1968-chrysler-300/7044997378.html
    1968 Chrysler 300 - $5500 (Spokane)
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    1968 1968 Dodge

    fuel: gas
    title status: clean
    transmission: automatic

    Very well taken care of All original Chrysler 300 with the 440, 727 torque flight this car runs and drives sweet. All the original hub caps in perfect shape. New exhaust, I pulled the wheels off and put the factory hub cap wheels on the car..
    Cool old rare Mopar that turns head and gets thumbs up everywhere I go. Asking $5500 leave a voicemail if serious about buying and I’ll call you back
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    I've seen the 1st Chrysler in this post, in person ,and it is a super solid car!!
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    any thing else you can tell us ?
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    I must say I really like the hideaway headlight look.
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    Man, those things are cheaper to get into than a Buick! If it's solid, then it's a good deal; if a Buick was in the same shape it'd go for double...
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    The 67 300's had a really unique tail end that I really like, if they only had the 68's hidden headlamps

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