1967 gs400 convertible 4 speed

Discussion in 'Car Part-Outs' started by 455monte, Mar 25, 2018.

  1. 455monte

    455monte Well-Known Member

    I acquired another 67 as thread title says.
    I dont have a title for the car but could possibly acquire one.
    Car has a 350 2barrel engine and auto trans.
    Manual pedals are still there
    I dont know if it was a 3 speed or 4 speed car. 20180324_174521.jpg 20180324_174521.jpg 20180324_174252.jpg
    Floor shift tilt
    Hood scoops
    Speed alert cluster
    Bucket seats but frozen i place.
    Boxed frame has surface rust but i dont see any rot.
    I will put on lift to verify closer.
    Rockers very rusty (rotted)
    Floors and trunk are very rotted also.
    Would make a body man a good project to save such a rare car.
    Hood seems solid
    Frt fenders decent but driver has the normal rust below ventiport. I would love to see someone save it before i start parting it out.
    Originally gold with yellow interior and white top according to the cowl tag 20180324_173533.jpg
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  2. NZ GS 400

    NZ GS 400 Gold Level Contributor

    I am interested in the steering column if you end up parting it out.

    Surely someone will save her?
  3. NZ GS 400

    NZ GS 400 Gold Level Contributor

    Where is the car and how much do you want for it?
  4. 455monte

    455monte Well-Known Member

    Cars located in upstate south carolina.

    I haven't decided on a price yet as there is 1 trim piece i want to keep from it and I umay keep the th350 transmission for another project
  5. Chi-Town67

    Chi-Town67 Gold Level Contributor

    It's probably the 1 trim piece I was going to ask you about. It's, i'm guessing, located somewhere near the back of the car?
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  6. 455monte

    455monte Well-Known Member

    No its the center vertical grill piece
  7. Chi-Town67

    Chi-Town67 Gold Level Contributor

    That's another hard one to find in good shape.
  8. 455monte

    455monte Well-Known Member

    Chi town what trim piece do u need?
  9. Chi-Town67

    Chi-Town67 Gold Level Contributor

    I don't really need anything. I just was wondering if that trunk molding might be a worthy candidate for re-chroming is all. Those are really hard to find with minimal pitting. It's hard to tell from the pics how that one is.
  10. GSXER

    GSXER Well-Known Member

    How about a snap shot of the firewall tag..hows the 1/4's
  11. 69 GS 400

    69 GS 400 Well-Known Member

    Would be nice to see someone bring that one back to life.
  12. 455monte

    455monte Well-Known Member

    For whatever reason it has special trunk trim. No holes in it for gs or skylark badges. I believe its pitted also.
    Lower rear quarters are rough!

    BUQUICK I'm your huckleberry.

    Great to see this car get into the hands of a Buick guy so it can be saved or at least parted out so that other '67s can receive some much needed parts.

    The paint code appears to be G7 so it was originally gold with an ivory top. Ivory top was pretty unusual with only 114 of the 2,140 GS400 convertible having that color. The Baltimore plant built 23 of those 114 cars.

    The code 193 yellow bucket seat interior is rare too. Only 151 of the 2,140 GS400 convertibles had it and only 28 of them came from Baltimore.

    This is also a very early production car with a build date of 09B (second week of September '66). There are currently 62 GS400 convertibles on the list (https://1967gs.com/67-gs-registry) and this car is among the very earliest. It would have likely been built with the early style front wheel opening moldings similar to a '66. I'll add this car to the list so there will be 63 accounted for now.

    Since it's a Baltimore car and the original manual transmission is gone, it might be impossible to determine if it was a 3-speed (90 built) or a 4-speed (422 built), but it's rare either way.
  14. 455monte

    455monte Well-Known Member

    As of now the 350 is running.
    Runs well for a engine that has not ran in 10 years!
  15. 455monte

    455monte Well-Known Member

    Upstate sc
  16. Ant Legrand

    Ant Legrand Well-Known Member

    Interested in the pedals and door panel emblems.

    STAGE III Lost Experimental Block

    Heh heh and I have a Buick 3 speed Muncie trans.
    Always liked the 67's
  18. 71stick

    71stick Well-Known Member

  19. Ziggy

    Ziggy Well-Known Member

    2nd in line for the steering column if it becomes available. Thanks!
  20. 455monte

    455monte Well-Known Member

    71stick u are in line
    Theres a few others ahead of you seeking the entire car. Junkman the cars in greer.
    Do u want me to put u in line also?

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