1967 gs400 convertible 4 speed

Discussion in 'Car Part-Outs' started by 455monte, Mar 25, 2018.

  1. thealchemist12

    thealchemist12 Well-Known Member

    I'm in Ga and could possibly pick up. Will pm
  2. Ant Legrand

    Ant Legrand Well-Known Member

    I'm going to pass on the pedals. Thanks for the reply.
  3. 455monte

    455monte Well-Known Member

    Ok ant
    Thanks for letting me know.
  4. NZ GS 400

    NZ GS 400 Gold Level Contributor

    Hey Chris, just thought of it. Is the original battery tray in there? If so, how is it?
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  5. 455monte

    455monte Well-Known Member

    If i remember right the batt tray was rough but i can double check tomorrow for ya
  6. 455monte

    455monte Well-Known Member

    Hood and grille sold
  7. 69GSM21

    69GSM21 Silver Level contributor

    I would love to be in line to buy the whole car and save it.....
  8. 67 Post GS

    67 Post GS Well-Known Member

    Do you still have car or any parts ?
  9. 455monte

    455monte Well-Known Member

    Still have car yes
    What parts are u looking for?
  10. rus

    rus Well-Known Member

    Too bad to see it parted out. This would be great to buy as a roller and in NY I can get it registered easily. Each one that is parted out is one less that future generations can enjoy.
  11. @Hardcorespeed

    @Hardcorespeed New Member

    Do you still have the front bumper?

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