1968 skylark trunk lid moldings

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    7B20CF65-29EB-447D-88AF-981ACAAE08C5.jpeg DAD1F38A-A3E7-4ADE-9177-7FB4541C6AFC.jpeg 7FF4D0A6-2F19-4C7A-AC67-E351B7D5EFF1.jpeg 23A72746-8E72-4694-BA44-1E3E6D8766FF.jpeg 1DD9FDD2-9CE3-4FAA-8B3A-973A80AE4B91.jpeg E4532DEB-1200-48C2-998D-755A86FCAF7D.jpeg 2 sets of trunk lid moldings for 68 skylark. 1 set is complete 4 pieces. The stainless is excellent the diecast short pieces are typical lightly pitted. The other set is just the stainless in excellent condition. $20.00 for the 4 piece set. $15.00 for the 2 long pieces. Shipping is extra
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    TTT with a new price!

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