1970 0N code 3:64 Rear

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    3:64 ON Rear For Sale . Will need cones re-machined , comes with a Timkin Bearing and seal kit from FAB Craft this is a nice housing for being under an East coast car

    . This REAR will need rebuilding ( cones ) POSI !
    1300.00 for the rear AS IS with the bearing kit , currently at Mild to wild N4005 Twin lake Lane, Eden, WI 53019.

    If Shipped back to me , I will fully rebuilt this unit & I will ask 1950.00 blasted & primed ready for your paint .

    Can be shipped from a fastenal or Mild to wild , Also buyer will pay pay the freight from 18974 or 53019 .

    This Rear is currently at Mild to Wild
    N4005 Twin lake Lane, Eden, WI 53019.

    Trying to save someone shipping back to me due to due to a Prior Paid Sale . This is a 50 year OLD POSI REAR ! the cones are worn out . This was Based upon a tear down . PM for further details .

    1300.00 with bearing kit AS IS !

    Pictures to be added or send Email to Ivylandcollision@yahoo.com
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    PM coming.....

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