1970 Electra Conv

Discussion in 'Cars and Parts For Sale Leads' started by My3Buicks, Jun 14, 2019.

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    Not bad, not bad at all. Good price for a "last of the senior series convertibles" car.
    These cars are pretty much at the lowest point of their depreciation cycles right now, and were probably the best big convertibles made. If anyone has ever wanted one of these types of cars, now is the time, they'll never be cheaper.
    The 70 model has it all; - better handling than even a few years earlier, the big engine, all the toys, and some pretty good styling.
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    If it were a 69, I would possibly be taking a flight home, i preferred the 69's cleaner front and rear styling and actually like the 430. My 69 Electra had more piss and vinegar than any of my big cars with the 455. That 69 was one I should not have let get away, although a friend owns it, so it is in good hands

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