1970 GS 455 CONVERTIBLE (what's it worth)

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    Hey guy's i'm new to the website and I have a couple of questions i'm hoping to get some informed answers to. I was reading a couple of threads on what everyone thinks a true GS 455 convertible was worth but the thread was at lease 2 years old. My main question is:
    1. What do you think a 70 GS 455 convertible is worth in today's market. (let's just say it needs a full resto). interior is shot, needs quarters, frame is good.
    I was reading on here and I have to say a couple of people are a little harsh on their critique of a couple of projects. No body want's to sell their car for 8k nowadays but they say someone else's is not worth what they are asking. I just think the availability of good projects is drying up fast. What we paid $1500 for just 7 years ago is now going for 5-6k, and that's even if you can find a decent one. Could use some good honest advise as to whether I should pick it up or let it go. thx
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    Straight advice sought deserves a straight answer. Buy one already restored. You will come out better financially and have a car ready much faster. If you value your own labor, you cannot buy a core car and come out better.
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    STAGE III Lost Experimental Block

    A major “AMEN!” to that!

    I could have bought a NICE running,maybe not mint,but clean driver for what I have tied up in my rusty hulk and the extensive parts list and it is no where close to being done.

    Heed Jim’s advice if at all possible and best of luck on your hunt.
  4. 1972Mach1

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    How much work can you do yourself? Can you do body work? Interior work? Chassis, suspension, engine rebuilding, transmission and rear diff rebuilding? Or are you going to farm it all out? That's the million dollar (or $100,000) question.
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    :)Buying one all done may sound expensive when you buy it but you will come out on top.Wax on wax off oil and lube keep it nice and neat you will not loose
  6. ff1970

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    I would go 9-10k for an original 1970 as you described above if it were all there.

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