1970 GSX Saturn Yellow color codes.

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  1. montana9991

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    Can someone help me with current color code for Saturn Yellow QQ? Also, I need the the correct code for the red and black for the stripes.

    Is the side stripe black matte or gloss.

    Can anyone prvide a clear copy of the article that appeared in Muscle Car Revival by Jim McGowan on how to stripe the 1970 GSX? This article had detailed measurements. The page I have on the is not very clear.

    Any help would be great,
  2. flynbuick

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    Non gloss on the stripes including the hood.

    Are you looking for a Dupont code for QQ?

    If so 926-AF232.( as it was listed in the 1970 Dealer Master Parts Cat)

    Phoenixgraphix sells a template I believe.

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  3. StratoBlue72

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    The following numbers are from 1970 color information :

    Saturn Yellow = DuPont # 5139, or R-M # 5169.
    Red stripe color = DuPont # 5027 or R-M # 2120.

    On the red stripe color a person may want to research it further to verify this is the proper red for a GSX. The color information is really vague on stripe colors.

  4. Rusty Davenport

    Rusty Davenport Silver Level contributor

    PPG mixing #81838 for code QQ Saturn yellow, the red is #2546 for PPG
  5. montana9991

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    Thanks for the quick response.

  6. JOE RIV 1

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  7. Buick Bloke

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    Hi Flyn. I need help???? colour code for "Sea Mist Green" Can you help? or know who can? Thanks mate!!
  8. flynbuick

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    I gave it to you in your other post.
  9. bostongsx

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    Anyone have a standox number the dupont is only available in single stage and looks milky.
  10. Roberta

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    Are these paint codes still good????:Do No:

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