1970 Reproduction Tri- Shield remote mirror

Discussion in 'Repro Parts' started by buick64203, Feb 21, 2018.

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    What do you think of that price, is that normal
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    Yeah...I saw that. Actually, there is another seller on ebay named joparts. Joparts has been selling these mirrors for a while. Un-shielded ones and supposedly new take-offs, some damaged or missing parts. He's also been selling the 71-72 "NOS" chrome mirrors for a while. Joparts is TPP's owner, I believe. They tend to use that ID as a test site to see what they can get for an "NOS" something, or to move damaged TPP stuff. I've bought several joparts NOS items and they have all been crap, modified or damaged in some way. I remember buying an "NOS" rr qtr window seal, receiving it, and it turned out it was a big car seal that was cut down with a razor to fit an A body. They like to piece off stuff. They have done that with lots of stuff like 1968-69 442 rally pac gauge faces, etc. TPP sells the gauges, and joparts was selling the faces by bid. Like maybe joparts will sell the mirror bracket and gasket.
    It was kind of funny, I remember this joparts about 18 years ago saying he was in his barn and found this "NOS" 1967 Chevelle SS floormat that was the original thickness, real rubber, had the right number stamped on it, etc. He got big $ for it. Then...a month later, the same item goes back up, big $ again. I knew right then + there he was making them, but didn't want to sell them off TPP. In the last 18 years, I've probably seen 100 of those mats get sold. He just keeps going into the barn and finding another! About 1 month or less ago he sold a 70 remote trishield that was damaged, a "new" take-off or something for like $400.00. Then he said it fell through and listed another. The real killer is all his listings are "private", to protect YOU the buyer. The truth is, if you leave him a neg you can't tell what item the neg was left for because the item says "private". Otherwise, you could look back through his FB and see he sold 5 1970 remote trishield mirrors because he kicked out 2nd chances, because he has a box full of seconds. Or you could see he has sold 100 "NOS" 67 trunk mats. But the price seems fair for the mirror. You know the RT's aren't far behind. Those 1K NOS rights in your cellar aren't going to be worth as much soon!
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  5. mrolds69

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    Here's a good example https://www.ebay.com/itm/1970-72-BU...731962?hash=item4b16f573fa:g:-lEAAOSwWxNYzeru
    I know TPP repro's the set of 3. So, this piece is probably a return to TPP, it's tweaked or scratched or something. So, joparts sells it off, that's how it works. I've been around ebay for like 20 years. Even before that "Joe" was aggressively buying and stockpiling real NOS GM parts. He was running ads soliciting for musclecar parts and buying off ebay, too. He DOES, or did have a lot of real parts at one time.
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    Very interesting. I bought an "NOS" RF inner fender, complete with a "GM" decal. Got it and it had been patched/welded/undercoated to hide and had a generic GM sticker on it. He wanted me to pay the return shipping and we got into a pissing match over it. Fortunately, UPS account numbers are embedded in the tracking number and with a UPS account, which I have, and an account #, one can charge the shipping to the receiver so he paid it whether he wanted to or not. I was surrised he didn't block me as a buyer, but now it makes sense.
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    Frank it is not another seller. Jo = Joe Improta, the first name of the owner of The Parts Place, Inc.
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    Right Jim, I kind of figured that out, because the stuff would come in TPP boxes. This guy is extremely knowledgable about 60's 70's stuff. That's why when I got those cut down A seals, I know that HE knew they were cut down. I can assure you he knew that fender had been worked, also. Truth is any Ebay seller that lists things "privately" to protect YOU is a liar and snake. That includes all the cars you see where the bidders are "private".
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  9. pbr400

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    I bought a pair of ‘nos’ marker lights for the rear of my ‘68 from TPP; they look nice but don’t have ‘made in USA’ on them nor any GM packaging with them. I’m not unhappy with the product but the description wasn’t supported.
  10. Joe B

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    Back to the mirror...

    I also saw this on eBay but didn't really pay much attention to it. Is it actually being reproduced or is this a "scratch and dent" that he"s selling? It appears new but unfinished as it is missing the black paint in the trishield and outer imprints. It looks nice but the description that it fits the entire line of cars (plus GNs and Regals!) concerns me.

    Beyond that, the comments above regarding some of the other parts that TPP offers makes me leery about buying from them. It makes you wonder if they are now or are becoming another OPGI. I'd like to think this isn't the case but would like to hear from those with previous purchase histories.
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  12. mrolds69

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    Just to show you how shifty this guy is, take a look at this item.
    Ok...first this is a metal repro Star Wars deal that I believe TPP MADE! Looking at the item, you can see the fins on the top are not there. There is a hole in the base that I think is for CA only. The air cleaner was never assembled, or is a different top and bottom, because the holes aren't drilled and tapped. The emblem is close to right looking, TPP sells a repro and I think it has a black background, or at least does in their picture. So...joparts is saying he bought this item, stumbled on this thing, Doesn't mention the CA drilled hole (you notice how you have to look for it?). He also fails to mention it's un-drilled for assembly. Probably another TPP "second". Looking for a good chunk of money for what it is. He's fishing for a sucker, that's what he does. I will absolutely stake my ex-wife's life he knows all these things, he knows EXACTLY what it is, ....no question about that at all. I'm telling you that joparts is TPP's dumping ground. That's why I say he's a snake, he's not all that different than Frank d'Chizzeler at Billions and Trillions. Kind of shameful to lie like that, at least in my book! I call them like I see them.......
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    Like how he paints it to look old. His painters got potential.
  14. BrianTrick

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    He likes to push “NOS” under that seller,but most of the time it is his repops from The Parts Place.
    There is a lot of use of a “file photo”. A good picture of an NOS or perfect original GM part,that is supposed to be the new reproduction item,but when you get it,there are a lot of differences.
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    Anyone bite the bullet and see how correct they are ? I don't have much confidence in TPP.
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    Im waiting for everyone to start dumping their NOS right side Tri Shield mirrors before the repro comes out and the NOS mirror prices plummet. :D
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  17. Doo Wop

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    Not the bracket, that's the gasket that is black. As it should be.
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    I thought about it
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    I don't want to see your tormented by this any longer. I'll be happy to take it off your hands. Its the least I could do:D
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  20. 1967 Big Buick

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    Talking about bracket not gasket. This one has been painted black because it was rusty. Zoom in on pic. 20180308_171341.jpg

    Nice original brackets are either silver or have anodized gold cast to them.

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