1970 Stage 1 convertible auction

Discussion in 'Cars and Parts For Sale Leads' started by flh73, Dec 4, 2019.

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    It belongs to Mike Leith, a car dealer, and it is his own auction although it does not use his name. It no saled at the same auction previously. Before this it belonged to someone on this board.

    If you want a deal, pick another car. We have seen him pull the same cars to his auctions over and over.
  3. Stage 2 iron

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    Unfortunately by doing that it has killed the value of the car someone who has been keeping an eye on it will think there's something wrong with it.
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    EXACTLY. Watching guys put the same cars up over and over with a no sale makes me think in the back of my mind "Hmmm, somebody had to have gone and looked at it, and they didn't buy it. Wonder what's hiding." See it on eBay and the live auctions all the time, same cars go for less and less each time they're put up.
  5. Stage 2 iron

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    Case in point, Stage one fire glow show car, J + B Red Stage 2 race car.
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    I've seen someone do this on several cars through ebay. Nice cars as well. First it's free to relist if it didn't sell. The lowering of price is to get more interest in actually buying (devalue for sure). More times then not once the auction ends without selling a deal is struck with the most interested party, if any. This is either at the asking price or a lower price, never higher. One time deposit was made but buyer backed out. I guess some regular auctions have inflated money as well. I would agree though, relisting look bad.
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    I check eBay and CL every single day for cars, and I have been especially paying attention to Rivieras like mine. I keep seeing the same ones over and over on eBay, and the reason I haven't listed mine there is because the cars that are similar aren't selling there. They're anywhere from a realistic 20k to guys asking 40k or 50k for something that won't go anywhere near that. I don't want to put my car on eBay or CL because I'm going to take it to Mecum in Vegas this year most likely, and if it's been on eBay as a "no sale" a few times (which it would), guys looking for a car like mine will recognize it and think the same as I do when a car doesn't sell: "Something must be wrong with it". So I risk tainting my own sale. If I try to ask something as a Buy It Now that is realistic like 17-20k, people will look at it and think it's inferior to those other Rivs that aren't selling at 25-50k, even though those cars just sit there over and over. There's really no good way to go about selling even a semi-expensive car other than live auction anymore, it seems, and I'm trying to keep my car on the low down until that day comes and nobody but the guys here will know about it until it pops up.



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  8. Doo Wop

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    69822286-770-0@2X.jpg Is it me or are the left front fender and the hood a bit darker than the rest? 69822292-770-0@2X.jpg
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    It’s a hard color to get right
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    Hey Jim.. was that Ken Anderson's car out of Florida?... Looks like it. Pretty sure that was his name but it's been a while..

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    I think that may be the name. We discussed it at the time of a prior auction and he spoke up as a prior owner. I will see if I can find that thread.
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  13. cjp69

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    Yes, Definitely Ken Anderson's car, Mike N. in Fl worked on it quite a bit for Ken.

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