1970 Trunk rebuild

Discussion in 'Repro Parts' started by Rob Swenton, Oct 2, 2018.

  1. Rob Swenton

    Rob Swenton Well-Known Member

    I am replacing the trunk in my 70 gs455. I was following along with the web page where they rebuild a Stage 1 in the same way. I purchased an A body floor which I had to obviously modify like they did to get it to fit.....and it fits great. My question is does anyone know if they make a repro brace that welds to the back of the trunk that the mounts bolt to? It positions itself right on top of the rear frame cross member. Mine is rusted.
  2. GSX10/10

    GSX10/10 Well-Known Member

    Hi Rob, I am working in the same area on my project and I think you're talking about the "L" channel brace (when viewed from the side) that is spot welded to the back kick up of the trunk floor and it contains the nuts for the rear body mounts on the frame. To my knowledge, I don't think these are reproduced as it was a Buick only piece, so you may have to have one cut from a junk car, etc.
  3. GSX10/10

    GSX10/10 Well-Known Member

    Rob, what trunk floor manufacturer did you go with?
  4. Matt Knutson

    Matt Knutson Well-Known Member

    That part is available and is the same as '69 Chevelle I think.

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