1971 Buick GSX

Discussion in 'Ebay Parts and Cars' started by BYoung, Jan 21, 2020.

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  2. bill lagna

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    72 rear bumper and air cleaner ??????????????
  3. Smartin

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    Ugh the stripes are so faaaaat.

    I wouldn't kick this car out of bed for those small issues, though. Did 90% of the 71 X's get painted Cortez Gold?
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  4. BYoung

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    Good catch, Bill and Adam. And the paint seems "washed out" to me.
  5. 78Regal350

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    I absolutely LOVE the steelie/dog dish/red line tire combo. I think it all works really, really well with the GSX stripes, even if the stripes aren’t totally correct.

    STAGE III Lost Experimental Block

    I know after 70 that all bets were off on a pick & choose basis on items standard on the 70 but was wondering about the idiot lights & if a clock was ordered why it wasn’t a 24 hour clock?
    Even my 72 GS-350’s clock was 24 hour style I understand the original owner could have opted out on the gauge package though.
    Okay, it’s too cold for me along with the wind (yeh yeh I know “that’s nothing it is minus 200F where I am Fritz!” Lol) to go look at mine but is that hood tach sitting to far forward?
    Very cool car even with previously pointed out incorrect issues but just wondering about these two things.
  7. Duane

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    From another post where I answered this.

    Therefore as far as instrumentation is concerned, a 71 GSX could have had the following combinations,
    1. Idiot lights with no clock or Tach
    2. Idiot lights with a clock (12 hour)
    3. Gauges with a Tach
    4. Gauges with a Rallye Clock (24 hour)

    STAGE III Lost Experimental Block

    You come through once again, Duane.

    Thank you my friend,I always like learning : )


  9. racenu

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  10. Randy Lutz

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    I spent about 2 hours looking at this car at Barrett-Jackson in 2019, as I was thinking of buying this one.

    Going from memory, I recall that it has a 72 rear bumper and air cleaner. The front bumper needs to be redone and the hood lip moulding needs attention.

    I think one of the radiator cross braces is missing and there are small detail items in the engine compartment that are either wrong, or missing.

    Unless it has been fixed by now, the driver's door has a huge paint crack. It looks like the door was opened while the car was on a lift and the edge of the door caught the fender. I have a picture somewhere and if I can find it I will post it.

    There was a strong smell of gas coming from the gas tank area. The bottom of the car looked very nice, but not detailed.

    I am not sure that the hood tach was originally ordered with the car and not sure if the missing rocker panel mouldings are correct.

    It sold at B-J for $33K and then was up for auction a few months later in Portland, where again it sold in the very low $30's.

    I have heard, but cannot confirm that at one time a tree fell on the roof of this car and that the engine is not the original 350.

    All that being said, I really think it would pull in a few more bucks, if fitted with Rally wheels wheels and bigger rubber. Just throw the stock wheels in the trunk.

    A strangely ordered car, especially with the Cortez Gold and saddle interior. The way it is presented, it just dies in the parking lot.

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    BUQUICK I'm your huckleberry.

    I agree about the wheels. According to the GM of Canada documents it did not come with the standard hubcaps that are on it now and left the factory with PA6 Styled Wheels and double white wall tires. I believe the PA6 Styled wheels are the Super Sport wheels that look like this. I think the car would look great with these installed back on it. The photo below is for reference but was taken from the '72 Buick manual. Apparently they were no offered for the entire year and after being discontinued they applied a sticker to indicate that point.

  12. Dan Healey

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  14. Randy Lutz

    Randy Lutz Well-Known Member

    I agree about the Super Sport wheels. Also the steering wheel is wrong, as the car was delivered with the deluxe steering wheel.

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  15. MRP

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    Do you have photos of the entire car with the SS wheels on it?
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    BUQUICK I'm your huckleberry.

    You would think that the restorer would have at least got a brown wheel instead of putting a black wheel in the brown interior. Overall the car has a bunch of small things that could be changed easily that would really brighten the car up but with the price of entry set at $45k it's not too appealing.
  17. Duane

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    It's real easy for people to simply "buy" a new part, rather then spending the time looking/digging for nice original parts. Especially if you are looking for a really nice, non-repopped original 15" 71-72 Saddle Steering wheel.

    I had a 71 350 GSX that was Cortez Gold with a Saddle front bench with armrest interior. It originally came with the standard "bat wing" wheel. I found a really nice original std wheel, but it took a while to find. I also found a virtually perfect Saddle Rally steering wheel for the car. That one took a long time to find, and was not cheap, and that was like 20 years ago.
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  18. Dan Healey

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  19. Dan Healey

    Dan Healey Well-Known Member

    Somebody had to take some pictures from the side back in the Columbus days... but that's all I got.
  20. Dan Healey

    Dan Healey Well-Known Member

    I recall an original, fantastic looking Silver GSX with them (and a black vinyl top) back in 91 or so at the GS Nats.

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