1971 gsx 350

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  1. tntlark

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    Im interested in this car but not sure the 48K price is realistic, and this person may be flipping it. This car was sold via cars online about 1 yr ago for 39K. ( the ad is still up on cars on line)

    Do you guy's think the trunk area has been restored ( Jute padding, trunk mat and spare tire board)? Looks very "new" to me not 47 yrs of age..

    Anyone watch the video posted on youtube and see how long he holds it "cranking" for cold start..Let's it crank non stop for almost 30 seconds straight..

    go to 23:21 of this video

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  2. Mike Trom

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    I don't consider my 98K mile GS as a survivor yet it has original panels, original interior, original convertible top, original glass, numbers matching engine and trans, original rear, original rims, original frame but it has had one repaint in 1978 (I have the receipt).
    Non original wear components and alternator. Original master cylinder has been rebuilt but the booster has been replaced.

    Survivor is just a word the will mean different things to different people, bottom line, this is a very nice GSX .
  3. 72STAGE1

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    Yes he is a Consignor, and upped the price 9-10k over what the owner really wanted, I inquired about any interest in making a deal and he was adamant about nothing less than $48k was going to do..........and after I watched the video this is the next-to-last guy I would have sell a car for me.........he comes across as a "Un-scrupulous" type of used car salesman.
  4. Randy Lutz

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    Educate me please.

    If this car was originally destined for California, shouldn't it have an EGR valve on the intake?

  5. Smartin

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    Not in 71. That would start in 72
  6. Randy Lutz

    Randy Lutz Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the clarification Martin,

    Randy, who is thinking about this car.
  7. Gallagher

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  8. Dan Healey

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    So what would the value be it were not a 350, 90-100k (and not to mention a stage 1)? It cracks me up how 99% of Buick guys run from 350 cars.
  9. Duane

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    "So what would the value be it were not a 350, 90-100k (and not to mention a stage 1)?"

    I don't know, but you can let me know what mine is worth. 71 Stratomist Blue GSX Stage 1 Automatic with a Black deluxe front bench seat interior, with front spoiler, in-dash tack, and N25 rear bumper.
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  10. pbr400

    pbr400 68GS400

    Duane, does yours have a repaint or, like the 350 car, did someone replace the repaint with original paint? (Not sure how they did that but it looks to be expensive!).
  11. Duane

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    It has been completely restored, frame off. It has been sitting for too long and needs a few things redone to be Concours again, like replating both bumpers, and a few other things but that's it. The front bumper was NOS, but the chrome on them was not that great to begin with. It is a Senior AACA car.

    I even went so far as to have the "staggers" put back in the stripes on both rear quarters and the rear spoiler. I plan to bring it to the 2020 GSCA Nats.

    BPG 07 Driver side-Front Copy.JPG BPG 07 Driver side-rear Copy.JPG
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  12. buick64203

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    Duane- let me know if you still want that bumper
  13. Duane

    Duane Member

    I can't swing it. I am still paying off the 69 car.
  14. Redmanf1

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    Duane, That is a beauty…...
  15. Duane

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