1971 Skylark Choke Assembly and Choke gasket

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  1. Stans71

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    Folks, I'm brand new as of 5 minutes ago. Nice to see there's a Buick forum since I just bought a 1971 Skylark with 350 engine (stock) with a two barrel. I like it! However, I'm in desperate need of a Choke assembly and the choke gasket. Anybody out there have these items?
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  2. Steve Craig

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    The gaskets can be extremely hard to find but very easy to make. Find a friend with a scroll saw. Get some gasket material with cork/rubber one side & perforated metal opposite side. Once you get the choke well (bowl), transfer the shape onto the gasket material & cut it out. Drill the mounting holes first before you cut.
    Buy a couple blades or bring a few beer for the friend with the saw.
  3. Stans71

    Stans71 New Member

    Thanks for the info. It's appreciated.
  4. buick64203

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    I used orange Hi-temp Permatex RTV sealant on my choke stoke instead of a gasket. No leaks and its holding up well.
  5. Stans71

    Stans71 New Member

    Great news. Where do you get that stuff? Can you get it at any auto parts place?
  6. DeeVeeEight

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