1972 Buick Skylark

Discussion in 'Cars and Parts For Sale Leads' started by LOLO, Mar 11, 2019.

  1. LOLO

    LOLO Well-Known Member

  2. Houmark

    Houmark Well-Known Member

    Is the steering wheel correct? With buckets and floor shift, it would be a nice car at a good price..
  3. hugger

    hugger Well-Known Member

    That's the standard "batwing" wheel
  4. Note 1970

    Note 1970 Well-Known Member

    I live local if anyone would want me to check it out. This is an old school hot rod car lot
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  5. C.Rob

    C.Rob Well-Known Member

    Looks like non ac firewall with ac dash and ac kick plates. No vents in kick plates. Am I missing something?
  6. hugger

    hugger Well-Known Member

    It's a pieced together rag I'm sure,...has that look about it
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  7. 68 Wildcat

    68 Wildcat Wildcat parts? What Wildcat parts?

    Manual Steering, Manual Brakes, Probably started life with a 6 cyl, but they are not asking the moon for it either. Poseur market car.

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