1972 Buick Stage 1

Discussion in 'Cars for sale' started by Villapd, Jan 4, 2020.

  1. Villapd

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    With all respect, many of you will recognize the vehicle I have for sale. The car belonged to the late Ron Mooney. I purchased the vehicle a few weeks ago and Ive decided to sell the vehicle as I located a vehicle I have been after for a long time, an Oldsmobile w30. I am not looking to make a penny more as I want the vehicle to go to a member of the Buick community. here are the facts: Stage 1 original engine survivor, one of 627 Stage 1 automatics built in 1972. It is a heavily optioned car( two window stickers) High Performance 455 cu in.- STAGE 1 - automatic - a/c - p/steering - p/disc brakes - p/windows - p/drivers bucket seat - deluxe interior w/buckets -full length console - carpet savers and handy mats - custom seat and shoulder belts - convenience group - instrument group - tilt steering wheel - rally steering wheel - Am/Fm radio - rear speaker - soft-ray tinted glass - rear window defroster - "very rare" N25 thru the bumper exhaust - bumper guards front and rear chrome plated rally wheels - rally suspension - custom upper peak and rear body mouldings - SLOAN Documented. asking 25k firm. The vehicle has been paid for and is awaiting transport by reliable carriers from Culpepper Virginia to Abilene Texas. The previous seller is willing to work with us in viewing the car or facilitating shipping from his place to the owner. the price is 25k unless the car is transported to Texas then the car price will be 27k.

    please Call 325 370-4807.

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  3. Villapd

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    pending sale...
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    Wow that was FAST!!
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  5. Andrew Sury

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    Should be quick. You should see that the 72 Chevelle W codes are going for.
  6. kingdaddycreel

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    Great car and close to me in VA.
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    Do you live in Abilene? I live in a small town right next to Abilene (Merkel). Who do you use to do work on your cars? I have a 72 Stage 1 that I just purchased from Mike Sobotka a few months ago.
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    was sale completed? interested and in line if not.....
  9. oldrocka

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    The car is sold.
  10. 70staged

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    i frequent that area often. Jim Turner used to have a garage in Bronte Texas. There are a few other Buick guys in the Abilene area as well. I know a few people want me to accept a permanent job there.

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