1972 Skylark Restoration(Lots of Pics)

Discussion in 'Color is everything!' started by Phoenix350, May 28, 2010.

  1. Phoenix350

    Phoenix350 Well-Known Member

    Hey Guys,

    For the few of you that know, my car seems to be in great shape considering i got it for a hundred bucks. Now I still think it was a steal, but here are some pictures of the trouble spots. I am hoping to get some advice for a game plan and possibly an estimate for repairs.

    I am a college student, this car will be going to the city with me and from this point on will not see snow, rain or salt. I have few other hobbies in life second to cars so all my money sans the cash needed for necessities will be for this car. I expect to put at least 20K in it over time to fully restore it during the winters of the next few years


    There is more here ( http://s199.photobucket.com/albums/aa213/foxstang89/1972 Skylark/?start=0 ) as well:beers2:
  2. 71gs3504sp

    71gs3504sp Well-Known Member


    My 2 cents worth.

    For $20k, you can get a real GS that is in great shape!

  3. Mister T

    Mister T Just truckin' around

    I have to agree with this. :gp: That car has a lot of rust. I would bet that there is much more rust that is not visible. The damages that salty roads do....
  4. pjj1020

    pjj1020 Well-Known Member

    You got this for 100?!? That's really a steal. I'd consider parting it and put that money into buying a regular skylark for closer to 8-10k in very good cond.
  5. Phoenix350

    Phoenix350 Well-Known Member

    More of the reason I want to restore it is because it was given to me, the previous owner was about to attempt to restore it but gave up due to lack of funds. He was about to junk it and I bought the motor for a hundred bucks for my Phoenix. Out of curiousity I asked how much he wanted for it and he said I could have it. Money isn't a factor with this car (not like I have any money hehe) And if I were to get rid of this car it would be years before I could afford a restored one. At least this way I can drive it as is in the nice weather and restore it little by little each winter. Body work one year, paint the next, motor after that, suspension and so on and so forth. I have five years to go in college. I am also working a $9/hr job and since rent is free and I have a full scholorship to school all my money is for this car. I know its not a GS but since I don't plan on fixing this to sell it numbers matching and factory options are not of concern, I could just make it a GS. I want to stick with the vintage red and possibly the black bumpers. (I'll have to see how the front looks when i get the fenders) I appreciate all your advice though and understand where you are coming from. Luckily with these cars a ton is reproduced (except the fenders =[)
  6. flynbuick

    flynbuick Super Moderator Staff Member

    You really need to part it out. If you try to repair it you are going to be upside down in it big time.
  7. rack-attack

    rack-attack Well-Known Member

    That car need EVERY major piece of sheet metal replaced.

    Ths will be a very hard project to finish the way you plan on finishing it..

    I really think you should reconsider your options.....
  8. Double "D"

    Double "D" GEAUX SAINTS

    I had a 1971 Plymouth Duster Twister (I know, not Bu) that was my mom's car when I was little. My parents gave it to my aunt, who in turn, gave it to my cousin, who completely messed it up. Pulled the /6, dropped in a 318/4-spd, Ford 8-in pegleg, painted it orange, and built the rest out of junk parts. He quit driving it in 2000 and let it sit outside in the Louisiana heat and humidity, and wasps had taken residence. The car was sentimental to me and I remembered it as a child. The car was given to me and I hauled it back to KS. It was in the same shape your Skylark is in, and was becoming a HUGE money pit. I just couldn't do it.. I ended up selling it and the wife & I still miss it, but we just couldn't afford it. I could have bought a restored one for as much as it was going to take. I'm onboard with everyone else.. that's gonna be a costly one to restore.


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  9. 71gs3504sp

    71gs3504sp Well-Known Member

    I would listen to the people on this forum or any forum, we all thought it could be fixed and ended up a money pit! Take in all the advice and listen! Before you begin look what is out there and see what GS's are available. Good luck!
  10. Phoenix350

    Phoenix350 Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately I cannot purchase another Skylark or GS I have $450 to my name (and that is going to TOPLESS for fenders tomorrow heh) Money is not really an issue for the car in the long run. Right now the car runs and drives and that is what I really care about. I am just curious on what an estimate would be for the work this car needs
  11. flynbuick

    flynbuick Super Moderator Staff Member

    A lot more the it would take to buy a nice rust free model.:puzzled:
  12. Phoenix350

    Phoenix350 Well-Known Member

    Here is my reasoning guys: If I part out my car now, I'll have no (fun) car for another 5 years as I have college and definitely don't have 20 grand in my pocket. I got this car for practically free, it runs and drives. The major issues are the roof and deck filler panel as they have holes in them. Filler panel is $125, roof is $300. Everything else can wait since it won't be driven in weather. All body work I would have a reputable body shop do. I just want this to be a project car I can drive everyonce in a while in between winters
  13. flynbuick

    flynbuick Super Moderator Staff Member

    Check the frame and suspension. If it is like the rest of the car it may be dangerous to drive. To get a shop to do that car and repaint it will be north of $10,000.00---- maybe 20K. Ask some shop owners on this Board to verify this.
  14. Phoenix350

    Phoenix350 Well-Known Member

    I have, it is solid all over. 10-20k is about what I anticipate:beers2: I believe you guys, you all have way more expirience then I do and I trust that. I know this car is a money pit,but any car you fix up and don't want to sell is. I don't mind cutting out luxuries to have this car, I am not big on material things. Unfortunately I haven't had the greatest track record finishing projects, I don't want to chalk up another one to the loss box just because this will take a little bit of money, at least it will be my blood sweat and tears when done.

    Also, if I wanted something cheap I'd get a chevy (Just joking I love all GM cars)

    Now I would imagine the worst part of this car is the firewall am I right? I would have to either find a donor car for that or just use alot of sheetmetal to replace the damaged sections. That at the least I will definitely have a reputable A-body repair shop take care of.
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  15. Phoenix350

    Phoenix350 Well-Known Member

    Thanks to Sean I now have a set of decent fenders to start with instead of the car wrecks I almost bought

  16. Iggycat2004

    Iggycat2004 1971 Buick GS Convertible

    I agree with most of the individuals on this thread, part it out and purchase a rust free example, you'll be happy you did.

    If you did decide to fix it, you'll have spent a lot of cash.

    my 2 cents



  17. Phoenix350

    Phoenix350 Well-Known Member

    Again guys, I do respect the advice:) So for now lets set aside the idea of a full restoration, I don't even have the car on the road yet. I need some help with how the core support and bumper mounts to the car. Its hard to put somethig together if you weren't the one who took it apart, and also lost some pieces. If someone has pictures of bushings I would really appreciate it.
  18. rustedgoat

    rustedgoat Member

    Seems like you are set on keeping the car. To do it correctly you will be upside down like everyone said. So don't worry about being correct restore/repair it with the intetions of enjoying it and never being correctly restored. Just make it presentable. Use it as something to practice and learn on, try your hand at welding and bodywork this require investing in some equipment but in the long run you'll come out ahead. Aways keep it movable, this type of car shouldn't be taking up garage space because one afternoon you were able to strip it down to the frame.

    Set up a spreadsheet and lay out the restoration. Figure out the costs to redo the suspension, steering, brakes, ect... This way you will know what expenses you have ahead of you.
    Good luck
  19. rack-attack

    rack-attack Well-Known Member

    you really need a 72 manual......your going to need it for many things.

    Check ebay and post up here in parts wanted
  20. Phoenix350

    Phoenix350 Well-Known Member

    I do have a general Chilton's manual for A-bodys, and I also just found the chassis manuals on Team Buick which will be very helpful. Unfortunately the sheetmetal section isn't working though. I finished the stereo wiring and went through the fuses replacing all burnt out ones so all my lights work. Tomorrow is the bumper then the car is going on the road so I can take it to graduation. Then with my graduation money it will be patch time.

    Here are some more pictures with the hood, please excuse the horrible alignment, I won't speak of the hack job work I did to assemble this car with almost no pass side core support.


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