1972 Skylark Restoration(Lots of Pics)

Discussion in 'Color is everything!' started by Phoenix350, May 28, 2010.

  1. turbotimmer

    turbotimmer Stage 1 4 speed

    That's real nice. Seriously, why would you even post this on here? Nothing better to do then beat down someone with alot less money than you?
  2. Phoenix350

    Phoenix350 Well-Known Member

    That's alright, just another person to prove wrong. I don't do this for the money, I don't care if the value was in the red I am sticking with this car. I want to be able to tackle anything I come across. When I get stuck I'll start researching and saving up for tools until I can fix it myself. I would hope if I am going to be rebuilding aircraft I can patch a couple holes on a car:rolleyes:

    Anyways this isn't the bench GSXER so if your opinion is that strong then feel free to make a thread about how I hate when people can't afford fully restored muscle cars. Thank you:laugh:

    Back to business

    Turbotimmer, have you been able to find a mount? Otherwise I might try and make one, it can't be too hard. I already found some bracket laying around that is almost perfect. I cant just make it a little longer and angle it and it should bolt up fine.

    I guess I am going to have top pick up a D/A or a wizz wheel or something because this stupid random sander with sand paper I wasted $12 on isn't doing more then making my hands orange. I am still unsure if I should get down to metal or not. In the end this paint is for protection not looks and will be redone at some point so I don't want to go crazy spending money when it should be spent on suspension and brakes
  3. KFD

    KFD Just passing through!

    Hey PHX... For your suspension components, I would use Rustoleum's Appliance Epoxy. The black has a pretty good semi gloss sheen when it dries. I used that stuff on my Coronet when I detailed the front suspension, and would use it again for the buick in a heart beat. Instead spending a lot of time using a wire wheel on the inner fenderwells and such, have you thought about using paint stripper? I am guessing that the battery tray area is swiss cheese (did you get a year one catalog yet??), Year one makes a patch panel for the passenger's inner fenderwell. When I was running the skylark in high school as a just as broke high school student, I employed a bungee cord and a piece of plywood. Looked like hell, but it worked. Did you check those fusible links on your starter solenoid wires yet??
  4. Phoenix350

    Phoenix350 Well-Known Member

    Would you recommend that for the drums as well? It would be nice to get rid of the rusty hue:ball: I will try paint stripper next, I think I have some around.

    As for the patches I ordered a core support patch, inner fender patch, bolt kit, bushings and a battery tray for a total of $270 shipped, I ordered them the 8th, they will be here today =] I am bringing them to my friend scott to have them welded up and painted. I am probably going to bring the whole car there so that it can go on the lift and get looked over and stuff. I will replace the tires, patch the floors, do some undercoating, get some suspension work done and repair the exhaust. After that it can go on the road:beer

    I was looking over my wires but didn't see any fusible links, I relized someone left the heat shield off the starter though
  5. exfarmer

    exfarmer Well-Known Member

    Don't bother sanding down to metal for a quicky paint job, just roughen up the surface to get a good bond. However where there is surface rust sand that down to metal & spray on some rust killer.

    GSXER did you do all or most the wrenching/restoring on that impressive collection you have? If not then IMHO Jacobs car will be more valuable to him than any of yours are to you! Real value is not measured in $$$.
  6. Phil

    Phil It really *is* a 350...

    The only thing more satisfying than driving a car you worked on is knowing that its running because you made it run. Be is a regular Skylark, a GS or a GSX, it's one more musclecar that's been spared the indignity of rusting away in a field or the sad fate of being compressed into a three foot square metal cube.

    Wrench away. :)
  7. Phoenix350

    Phoenix350 Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys:laugh:

    Yeah the moment I broke out the sander and sat there for 15 min I realized there is no way I am wasting a weekend on one fender for a $10 paintjob.

    I totally agree with you Phill, when this car first started up after I pulled the motor, resealed it and put it back in I was amazed it started right up. I took this car because if I didn't it was going to the scrapper. Unfortunately to keep this car my Phoenix ended up crushed:ball: But by the time I was done with it I saved every single part except the body and the frame. You can't even give those more doors away.

    I got my panels today and the fit isn't too bad considering they are the cheapest of all the ones I have seen. A few adjustments and things will work fine. The battery tray was on backorder which The Parts Place is very sneaky about mentioning. They don't charge a fee but just the fact of paying an extra 8 dollars I would have just waited if I knew it was on back order. Here I was thinking everything was 270 and no charge for freight it turns out the freight charge was exactly what the battery tray cost so I had no idea it was on back order. They sent an invoice today so by the time the car is back together I'll have it.

    The bolt kit says Chevelle bolt kit, while I'm sure most of the bolts are identical but I'm sure things like the grill and stuff are different. The core support bushings look good and the $3 battery clamp was a decent purchase as well. Hopefully I can get the stuff to the shop tomorrow and get cracking. Have everything painted up and then put this car on the road!!
  8. KFD

    KFD Just passing through!

    Hey Jacob, they aren't very easy to spot. They are going to look like a thick rubber section of wire on two leads connecting to one post on the solenoid. they are about 1/2" by about 3/16"...
  9. turbotimmer

    turbotimmer Stage 1 4 speed

    Jacob, i found that bracket. pm me your address and i'll get it out to you.

  10. Phoenix350

    Phoenix350 Well-Known Member

    Hit a bit of a snag. After waiting a while to have the patches installed both have issues fitting. The inner fender can be worked with but the core support has major fitment issues. The patch appears to cover more than it is actually designed to repair. Some places its like the metal was put there for show it is nowhere even close to fitting. I have no idea how to remedy this other than finding a whole new core support....

    Any ideas?
  11. 1970-44637-a1

    1970-44637-a1 Well-Known Member

    if your mechanically inclined and willing to learn with patience and perseverance you can fix all that rust yourself. you'll need the tools and materials. a mig welder, metal cutting tools, grinding tools, a shrinker- strecher and sheet metal and body putty. its time consuming and can be done. if you can do the labor yourself you can fix it, to pay someone else would not be a wise investment. cut the rust out, make a piece of sheet metal to fit, weld it in , do the plastic work.
  12. rack-attack

    rack-attack Well-Known Member

  13. Phoenix350

    Phoenix350 Well-Known Member

    That article was very helpful:TU: I brought the car to the shop and the panels were welded up for free :Brow: Everything lines up great! Tomorrow is paint. I have 4 cans of rustoleum rust converter which I will start with and if it needs regular paint on top then I will do that as well. Then I flush the trans and pick up a driveshaft (and hopefully other goodies), a radiator, thermostat and a valve body rebuild/shift kit. After that the car is going on the road!!!! I can't believe I am so close. Almost out of cash though but I am on the home stretch.

    I got an interstate battery for $70, free rear springs that should lift the rear a few inches (it sits pretty darn low right now) Ladder bars for $50 (I don't need them but they are cheap and I might as well install them when I freshen the suspension) Then I will put the rear window and pass quarter window in and replace the upper window molding on the pass side.

    I was offered a mint floor console with shifter for $100, just needs to be modified as it is a 2 speed. Would it fit without issue in a 70-72 car? I am not purchasing it now,but I am curious regardless.

    Sorry for the long winded update but I am excited!:3gears:

  14. TimR

    TimR Nutcase at large

    Agreed. :TU:
  15. DeeVeeEight

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    I told Jacob the same thing, then I gave in and thought "what the hell, give the kid a chance" so I sent him some "FREE" parts - a power brake booster, a master cylinder and a proportioning valve. Jacob thought shipping would cost $12.00, actual shipping costs were $21.00. I did not think anything of it so I sent the parts for $21.00 (Where are you going to get all those parts for $21.00???). Now Jacob is throwing a FIT over the $9.00 difference. I got so pissed that I told him off, cussed him good and told him to keep the parts and his money.
    You guys want to help him out?
    Go ahead, but watch out, this little dog will bite you if you extend a hand!

    My first impression of this kid is that he is stuck on stupid and simply will not listen to common sense. I even stated that, earlier in this thread then I deleted my posts, just to be kind. Well, now I have changed my mind again. This kid is not to be trusted, his judgement is sorely lacking.

    You hear me Jacob? You keep the parts AND the money. You are an embarrassment.:rant:
  16. DeeVeeEight

    DeeVeeEight Well-Known Member

  17. jeff0547

    jeff0547 Beaters are Better

    This message is for Jacob as well as anyone who has the stubborness to re-build a ragged out, rust bucket. I found this on the Team Impala board but there is a Buick in here somewhere.

    This guy really wanted a 61 Impala convertible, but couldn't afford one. When he found this one, he bought it. :TU: Here's what he started with: :Dou:


    Here's the URL:

    Happy reading .... it's a long one, but worth it. :Do No:
  18. DeeVeeEight

    DeeVeeEight Well-Known Member

    Boo - Hiss
    What a JERK!
    Leave This Jerk To Rot In His Own Mess, He Is Unworthy Of This Forum!
  19. GSXER

    GSXER Well-Known Member

    This guy really wanted a 61 Impala convertible, but couldn't afford one. When he found this one, he bought it. :TU: Here's what he started with: :Dou:

    Couldnt afford one? he wasted enough time and money to buy 3 maybe 4 of these cars:Dou:
  20. bodyman5001

    bodyman5001 Well-Known Member

    No he didn't, he did something I never thought possible. He built a lowrider piece of crap out of something that started out WORSE off than it was when it was finished. Good for him.

    Sure took dedication, I will give him that.

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