1973 Gransport Stage1 4spd

Discussion in 'Cars and Parts For Sale Leads' started by redsixty9, Mar 31, 2018.

  1. redsixty9

    redsixty9 Platinum Level Contributor

  2. efogs400

    efogs400 Well-Known Member

    Love at first sight......
  3. john.schaefer77

    john.schaefer77 Well-Known Member

    I have to admit I haven' been a fan of that year, until I looked at them for a while, now I think they are very cool.
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  4. gsjohnny1

    gsjohnny1 Well-Known Member

    that is not the shifter boot that came with mine. missing the air pump. wrong hose clamps. no side covers on the bucket seats. if I'm not mistaken, chrome wheels were 14" and the cast/painted are 15", mine were uniroyals. wrong color brake booster. has headers.
    and they advertise it as a full restoration......wrong.
  5. redsixty9

    redsixty9 Platinum Level Contributor

    I guess it's a turd then. Lol First two things I did to the 73 I had was put headers on and get rid of the smog pump. I remember my dad just shaking his head.
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  6. philip roitman

    philip roitman Well-Known Member

    It has cruise control installed and that was not available with a 4 speed plus a few other things that are incorrect. It is a nice car though.
  7. gs66

    gs66 Well-Known Member

    I like it, this year really grows on you over time. I remember when I bought my first GS, the owner told me “I’d leave it like it is, but it’s your car now.”
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  8. ap1672

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  9. PGSS

    PGSS Well-Known Member

    Just curious, it looks like 73 and 74 GS's weren't available with a tach?

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  11. Tom Miller

    Tom Miller Loch Ness Monster

    This is one of the best looking 73's around. Except maybe for one in black.
  12. 72STAGE1

    72STAGE1 Runnin' with the Devil

    Yes and it has tons
    So much is not correct on it and I just shook my head in dis-belief that it went anywhere over $30k.....This will be a litmus test for that car this time around I think....I love the car regardless, just think it was way over-bought last year.
  13. redsixty9

    redsixty9 Platinum Level Contributor

    You should know? Al was and still is the original 73 Regal hot rodder. He was the first guy with headers on a 350. He alone knew the potential of the 350 but was a little swayed when he bought his 71 stage 1 4spd. We've been friends since HS. Boy that Regal could fry one tire!!!:D
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  14. Buicksky

    Buicksky Silver Level contributor

    It may not be all correct but I would be smiling as I drove it and have a lot of fun with it!
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  15. bmcmillan

    bmcmillan Dented Hood Tach

    I too, would really enjoy driving that GS.
  16. gsjohnny1

    gsjohnny1 Well-Known Member

    50k......dumb, just plain dumb.
  17. 66electrafied

    66electrafied Just tossing in my nickel's worth

    Seeing as how it's still at Mecum it probably didn't sell and was shilled up to $50 K before the one "live-wire" they had bailed out. There are a number of reasons for doing this sort of thing, particularly when it comes to aficionados and forums; by setting the bar so high, they automatically test and reset the limits of what the car could realize. Someone with deep pockets and new to the hobby will take a look at this thing and snap it up for $30K, which is probably what the owner really wants or has into it. Sure, at $30 K for this car is still ambitious, but that beats the $18K that thing could get in the real world. So, create an artificial demand and drive the limits...Everyone walks/drives away thinking they got a steal, and the auction house makes nothing but money.
    Oh yeah, I'd love to have that car, they were always one of my favorites. That thing would be an absolute hoot to drive; too bad it doesn't have a 6 way power seat. I'm too big to get into it with those buckets.
  18. 72STAGE1

    72STAGE1 Runnin' with the Devil

    My thoughts exactly.....
  19. gsjohnny1

    gsjohnny1 Well-Known Member

    don't think the 73's were fun to drive. oem uniroyals in a panic would slide you around. same with cornering. replaced mine with police g/y fabric radials. to bad they don't make them anymore. original weight was around 4600lbs which was good for h/way top end(well over 120). did a lot of lightening to get it somewhat competitive for nhra g/s stk racing.
  20. My3Buicks

    My3Buicks Buick Guru

    It's a beautiful example, but it is a shame to see one done so well but to stop short of doing it right/correct

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