1973 Lesabre 455

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    Hi everybody! I just picked up this 73 Lesabre custom hardtop that I have some questions about. It's got 96000 original miles, I picked it up from the second owner who had it pretty much sitting in his yard just outside the city for two years. The original owner bought the car new off the lot back in the early 70's and has meticulously maintained it since. I have all service records dating back to 1974 and I have all original manual's and factory warranty information as well. Mechanically the car is sound the transmission seems to be in good condition, and the engine still runs strong. the frame is nice and solid and the body is decent considering its lived its whole life in canada. it does have its issues though,

    So the first and most obvious is that the paint is badly oxidized, itried polishing and waxing but eventually went back to how it looks now. im considering doing some body work and then trying out the " 50 dollar rustoleum paint job" on it. I know im prepared for the bashing, but this car is going to be a driver, and I am a poor student. Skeptics, look at this website this is where im basing my information off of: http://www.rickwrench.com/index79.htm

    The next thing would be the front seat. The front seat has a few tears in it and I would like to cover it up, the issue being that all the covers you can get now are neoprene strechy fabric with sports logos on them. If anybody knows of a good condition vintage cover eg, Howard Zink etc. or of a good saddle blanket cover that would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, if anybody has a spare hubcap that they're willing to let go, I would sure be interested in it!

    The next thing is the thing I need the most help with. This motor is making an annoying ticking sound that occures at idle and during acceleration. It does not happen while cruising on the highway at a steady rpm. its been really bugging me, i listened to all the valve train via my make shift stethoscope (long screwdriver) and it sounded the same around both sides. The ticking is coming from the passenger side at the back it increases with acceleration. I'm thinking it may be an exhaust leak, what do you guys think?
    I've uploaded a video where you can hear it, in the video it sounds louder than it is.

    The previous owner had the stock single exhaust converted into duals.

    Another question I have is purely hypothetical and i know ill probably be punished for asking it but, this 5mph bumper is awfully large and it kinda looks like a massive underbight, do the earlier 70-72 bumbers bolt on?

    Any other information regarding these lesabre's would be great,

    Here's the link to the video for the ticking sound:










  2. guyrobert

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    Great Ride,
    1st if your short on cash don't worry about the faded paint, in time you'll learn to love it or live with it.
    2. Try some marvel mystery oil it could be a stuck lifter thats giving that ticking noise.
    3. The flea market or craigslist should have a Mexican blanket to cover the front seats for very little $ and a cool look.
    4. Saftey first make sure you can stop. Check the brake lines and change the fluids and check the tires for dry rot.
    5. Don't worry about the bumpers they are awesome!
    6. Detail that motor!
    7. Have fun

  3. bhambulldog

    bhambulldog 1955 76-RoadmasterRiviera

    hmmmm... The sound is not real clear. I think I heard a tick at crank speed..... maybe an exhaust leak.
    ( valve tick would be 1/4 crank speed)
    Neat placement of the tach. I like your car!!

  4. flynbuick

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    Use something like a broom handle to narrow down the source of the noise on the engine. An exhaust manifold leak is something to consider. Look for an exhaust flame around the manifolds when it is really dark under the hood.

    For some more of the original factory fabric call www.smsautofabrics.com.
  5. gsx455-4ever

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    Those heater hoses look original with the tower clamps. Also that ford starter solenoid on the LS inner fender. Is that being used instead of the starter mounted solenoid? Good luck
  6. bhambulldog

    bhambulldog 1955 76-RoadmasterRiviera

    Those Ford solenoids are usually put on GM cars as a remedy to a heat sink problem with starter. (a slow cranking starter after the wiring soaks up heat from a warm engine.)

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