1974 Buick Apollo

Discussion in 'The "X" bodies' started by Thomas Squires, Jul 24, 2020.

  1. Chuck Bridges

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    Lots of potential there. Have fun with her. She has the makings of a beauty.
  2. partsrparts

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    Welcome to the X Bodies, we are few and far between.
  3. I was surprised to find it for the most part intact. Few things that are broken but still decent.
  4. partsrparts

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    I have a 76 skylark and I know with it just about anything I need except engine parts and a few body parts i just get for a 76 Nova. I would think that it would be the same for your 74.
  5. newmexguy

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    Yes that is true, much of the car is Chevy Nova. Front clip, tail lights, rear bumper are division specific. Doors, Glass, trunk lid, structural sheet metal all interchange, for most part. 73-74 is carryover 68-72 X body stuff. 75-79 is a whole new generation. Have a few interior bits in good condition - but they are pea green. And perfect trunk lid, a drivers door Shell, and L side side glass. Dave S dona Ana NM 88032

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  6. Got her running and the brakes fixed. Order new control arm bushings, sway bar links and bushings and rear leaf spring bushings.
  7. partsrparts

    partsrparts Silver Level contributor

    Maybe look into doing your body mounts also. I replaced all suspension and body mounts with poly ones a few years back. Just installed sub frame connectors this past weekend, big difference, now the suspension does it's job instead of body flex taking up alot of it.
  8. Actually I was looking at ordering those as well. Figure get it all done in one shot.
  9. verdantgil

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    I haven't seen one of those in ages.
  10. I got one side of the control arms done before I messed up my back. Getting the subframe bushings and hopefully getting the other control arms done soon.
  11. partsrparts

    partsrparts Silver Level contributor

    This hobby is hell on us old guys!
  12. I'm only 40. My back shouldn't be this bad.

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