1976 Buick Electra 4 door body mounts

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  1. timmy455

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    Hi guys,

    Looking for some advice here.

    Considering changing the body mounts on my '76 Electra - the two on the front corners of the cab are visibly shot and the car has a lot of shakes and squeeks.

    So i have to ask, as my research hasnt given me the answers im looking for.

    a) Where do i get a complete kit from, if not a kit which bushes do i need (there seem to be different sizes)?

    b) Cars has them listed for up to '74 Electra @ $8.??, is that per bush and will that apply to my car?

    c) Can some one give me advice on how to go about changing them? Havent seen specific 70s full size Buick advice on the web.
    I figure - place chasis on stands, loosen all mounts on one side, use hydraulic jack with wooden blocks to lift body closes to the mount you want to change, change mount, lower body, repeat for each mount, tighten all mounts, repeat on next side.
    Also as a hard top should i do this with the windows in the doors, or up as usual?

    Thank you in advance.

    Also please keep in mind, i can only do this job with parts in hand. I'm over in Pakistan so shipping will take forever and need to get it right the first time. Hence my anxiousness.

    Thanks again.

  2. stangslayerws6

    stangslayerws6 1976 Buick Electa Limited

    I have not done my 76 Electra body mounts yet but here is a link to the bushings: https://www.steelerubber.com/body-mounting-pad-70-2165-48
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  4. Luxus

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    My 2 cents as I have been looking into changing the mounts on my 74 Lesabre.

    Nobody sells a complete kit for our cars (70s full size Buicks) as far as I know. But bushings do seem to be available for us. The impression I get is not all of the bushings on the car are the same. However I have not actually checked mine so I can't say that for sure. The safest thing to do would be to pull each one out, take some measurements and put it back. The old bushings will be mashed out of shape but you should still be able to learn something about them like if they have a metal tube in the center and how tall is it. This way you will have an idea of what you need.

    It may sound like extra work but just getting the old bolts out will be 90% of the job. Hopefully the bolts aren't rusted solid. Once the old ones are broken free, the change over will go smoother.

    I have done this on a 86 Regal before. Your procedure sounds OK. Do one side at a time because it's possible the body can shift if all the bushings are loose. I'd leave the windows down too just in case.
  5. timmy455

    timmy455 Well-Known Member

    Hi guys,

    Its awesome that you guys responded to such an old thread! I'd all together forgotten about it.

    Thanks for the links and advice!

    Still haven't gotten around to it. Am rebuilding the engine as we speak. Will likely put this off for a little bit while I sort her out and take car of some other projects at hand.

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