1977-1979 Buick Skylark coupe

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    I currently found two, one local another in the state over but I'm looking at all options. I'm looking for either the car or the shell in good condition with minimal rot or rust. My goal is to drop an LS2 in with a five speed , do whatever need to be done to the suspension and customize the interior maybe even paint it to match my lightning gray GMC. I'd like to know a bit more about the car as I've never actually ever seen one and it seems like they are pretty rare.
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    The 75-79 Apollo/Skylark is basically a Chevy Nova with Buick styling cues - front bumper is different, grille is different, front fenders are same shape but have the faux venti ports. The doors, trunk lid, glass, and interior body tub is the same. I'd be willing to try and find one in El Paso, but the interior will most likely be completely vaporized to powder. And the interior parts are not reproduced, don't believe any of them. Last coupe I saw in the U Pull it was four years ago, had bucket seats and sport mirrors to boot. Long gone, of course, but if one happens to come upon a car they just bought, you can buy it if you meet there price. Before the VIN is deactivated, and the car is processed, and goes to general population in the yard. Usually about a tripling in price. All about timing.
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