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    I have installed a 2004R in my 72 Skylark, the gearbox comes from Extreme Automatics and the TV cable is an EZ TV Cable from Bowtie Overdrives.

    As explained in both instructions, I replaced the TV spring from the gearbox with the one included in the Bowtie kit.

    Everything is in place but I 'm afraid to go further and damage the gearbox....

    Can I use the Pressure Chart from Extreme Automatics as a reference with the Bowties TV Cable, are the pressure identical with all the TV cables ?

    I have another issue with the oil lines going from the gearbox to the radiator, I read that the 2004R has inverted ports compared to the TH350, does it is critical to use the same position as the TH 350 or must I invert the position ?

    Thanks for your help


  2. techg8

    techg8 The BS GS

    The lines are inverted. I don't think it's critical but it's probably best to invert. The 200-4r flares are in a slightly different position and a slightly different angle. So if you have solid cooler lines you'll need to bend them a little. I found it easiest to use a braided stainless line kit from Summit with -AN fittings. I ran the lines thru the frame to the cooler.

    You won't damage the trans so long as you make sure the throttle valve is fully depressed at WOT on the carb. Check this with the transmission pan off.
  3. Ken Warner

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    Read the instructions from Lonnie at Extreme Automatics and do it right the first time. A set of cheap 4in digital calipers from harbor freight can be used to check the plunger travel on the TV valve and a set of trans oil pressure
    gauges can be had from EBay for around $30 to confirm you have the pressures you think you should have. Otherwise be prepared for the worst.

    While I'm in the doom and gloom mode if you are running a stall converter of any sort go ahead and plumb in a good cooler. These TH2004R transmissions run hot on their own and with a bit of slip they get downright toasty fast.

    All the above said I've had ZERO issues with my trans from E.A. And could not be happier. I've just gotten tired of doing things and hoping for the best as I have gotten older and now spend the extra cash and time to do it right the first time. Your luck may be better than mine though....

    Just re-read this and it looks like you pulled the EA TV valve spring and installed one from Bow tie Overdrives. If that's the case then I think you just voided your warranty and where the pressures should be is anyone's guess. Why not just use a standard cable and follow Lonnies directions?
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  4. 12lives

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    Ken - I see you have a healthy 455! Would you think a stage II from Extreme Automatics would work well behind a stock 455?
  5. gusszgs

    gusszgs Well-Known Member

    Lonnie can build a 200 that will handle some serious Buick power whether it be a BBB or a TB
  6. jaystoy

    jaystoy Well-Known Member

    I am running a 2004r that I built myself in the basement, using CKPerformance parts. It is behind my mild 455, and I beat the snot out of it. Trans is a beast. Barks the gears real hard and I have never had an issue. Running my TV cable to the gas pedal. For safety measure, I installed an electric, trans oil pressure guage, so I can monitor pressure all the time, especially if there is no pressure, I know to cut it down
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  7. Ken Warner

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    I'd tell you to call Lonnie and let him know what you are running and take his advice. I think the Stage 3 I got from him is overkill for my setup but as mentioned in my earlier post I'm getting to be a fan of the buy once cry once method of doing things with my car.
  8. 12lives

    12lives Engage! - Jean-Luc Picard

    Thanks! Hey Jaystoy - what did you use to run the TV to your gas pedal? I have heard that is a good way to go as it requires no mods to your Q jet or linkage up top. Would you do it again?
  9. jaystoy

    jaystoy Well-Known Member

    I think the best way is to have correct TV arm on the carb, but with that being said, I would do it again. Used my old TH350 gas pedal. Ran cable through the firewall to gas pedal. Just a bit of trial and error on getting immediate pressure rise at touch of throttle and full TV at WOT. Not hard. Trans is healthy and strong. No burned clutches. Been beating on it 2 years now. The only reason I did it that way was because I have a performer intake with the snorkel aircleaner. The carb would need to be put on spacers, but it would have interfered with the air cleaner. Or I would have had to modified the intake to allow for the TV arm, but did not want to do that either. To me correct Trans pressures @ the right times is the most important. Ken @ EDP however does sell a sweet TV arm kit that will work super easy
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  10. TexasT

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  11. Ken Warner

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    FWIW after following The procedure from Extreme Automatics to the letter I found that the generic TV corrector plate for a Holley throttle arm did not allow quite as much travel as the spec calls for. I had to do a bit of file work on the adaptor and some trial and error to get it where it needed to be. Pressure tests were right on the numbers for what Lonnie called for. Getting that pressure gauge with hose in there with headers is no fun, trust me.
  12. techg8

    techg8 The BS GS

    hehheh yea ive done that. no easy task. it always felt like I couldn't get the right angle, like I was crossing threads.

    nice work. glad the pressures were right!
  13. Taulbee2277

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    I'll second a few things..
    1. Lonnie was awesome to work with
    2. He stands by his product ( came to my house to fix a leak)
    3. Get rid of the tv made ez, that was my first route and was too much trouble. A new carb throttle arm or to the pedal is ideal.

    But once the smoke and spilt trans fluid clear everything is pretty dang sweet!
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