2005 Tahoe with weird pulling/slushy feel at high speeds

Discussion in 'The Choo-Choo shop' started by Smartin, Jul 10, 2013.

  1. Smartin

    Smartin antiqueautomotiveservice.com Staff Member

    I've been researching online all of the possible problems that could be the cause of this...and it seems that v8 is just as good or better than googling the issue...so here it goes.


    Speeds of 45+ ...when I hit a dip in the road, the vehicle wants to pull to the right, and feels really boaty/wishy washy before it settles down again. Otherwise, it drives really straight, quiet and smooth.

    New parts:

    - shocks on all 4 corners
    - pitman arm
    - idler arm

    I have had 2 shops look at it with no results. I am about to take it to the dealer to see if they have run into this issue before, since they work on them every day.

    All of the suspension components appear tight and clean.

    Would it be possible that I have a bad torsion rod on the front right side? They both appear to be adjusted the same height.

  2. ceas350

    ceas350 "THE BURNER"

    Tie rods are bad a well as the c arm bushings. They may look good but they're not
  3. Smartin

    Smartin antiqueautomotiveservice.com Staff Member

    I would think that the tie rods wouldn't make it past 2 safety inspections, though. :Do No:

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    It literally feels like a broken shock on the right front...if that captures the movement any better through words. It's hard to explain. It doesn't track or wander when I'm just driving around...it's only when I hit a sizable dip in the road that makes it go squirrely. It's also bad when the roads are really wet. It feels like it's dragging on the right side, and I'm very concerned about losing control in that situation.
  4. 436'd Skylark

    436'd Skylark Sweet Fancy Moses!!!!!

    Put a couple turns on the torsion bars and see how it rides.
  5. schlepcar

    schlepcar Gold Level Contributor

    I work on these trucks a lot, and I guess I have to ask the right question to get the right answer....Has this ever been wrecked? Who is inspecting the front end? Have you tried rotating the tires? Torsion bars are broke or good as long as they are a matched set(they have part numbers on the rear facing end of the shaft). Many times the control bushings or ball joints are the first to go. Assuming it is square to the world(no bent frame or control arms) and it is not wearing the front tires prematurely, You may be looking at the wrong end of the truck. Have someone over twenty years old that works on front ends inspect ball joints, tie rods, control arms and alignment. If there is nothing wrong with the front end look at the rear. It can steer you out of control as fast as the front.
  6. robs71redriv

    robs71redriv robs71redriv

    Was having same problem with Jimmy - Got pitman arm, Idler arm ball joints replaced - got sloghtly better - but on certain dips it still felt little squirlley- checked and rechecked front end , rotated tires etc - had 2 shops look at it nothing unusual was found had a squeak in rear springs that we cleaned and lubed - went away lived with it for month but it just didn't seem right - then the last time put it on a hoist herd a snap as it came off the ground -- and found rear main main spring, and another leave broken (right at the u bolt )--(a week after cleaning and checking them) - when we got it off could see that the main had been broken for some time, break point was rusted except for maybe 1/16 of inch on the inside was fresh break (probably the snap) the other leave was rust straight across and that lined up right at the u bolt -- so look really close at those - i did and didn't see it first time spent a bunch replacing front end parts that were marginal anyway cause thats what it felt like and they had bit of play. maybe get it on stands or hoist and jack up springs

    -- used spring pack installed and drives better than it ever did and we have some really wavy roads with lots of dips around here.
  7. urbancowboy0307

    urbancowboy0307 Silver Level contributor

    I know it's not the same truck, but on my ram the ball joints were worn out and if I hit a dip or a bump the truck was all over the place for a little bit, or if I hit a big pot hole it would pull one way or the other.
  8. Rob Ross

    Rob Ross Well-Known Member

    I had a car that would do that, the stabilizer bar link broke on one side. Put in a new on and it was fine...how are yours?

  9. Smartin

    Smartin antiqueautomotiveservice.com Staff Member

    And the verdict is......

    The freakin' tires.

    I put a used set of BFG's on it and it rides like a new car. Thankfully, I didn't put any money into new front end parts trying to figure it out.
  10. woodchuck2

    woodchuck2 Well-Known Member

    The front suspension parts need to be checked with the front suspension on a jack with the jack as far outward under the lower a-arm as possible. This keeps the front suspension from drooping letting the suspension items sit in different spots of the wear items making them seem tight. Check upper and lower ball joints, inner and outer tie rods, be sure the idler arm is not some junk aftermarket crap that already has upward movement as if worn. Check the sway bar end links and check the sway bar is not broken or has a bad bushing. And of course check the wheel bearings. About the only other thing to check is the rear tires for broken belts or irregular wear.
  11. Smartin

    Smartin antiqueautomotiveservice.com Staff Member

    It was the tires all along. The truck is really tight now.
  12. black70buick

    black70buick Well-Known Member

    Glad you found the source. It is amazing how new tires can make a world of difference. For my daily drivers including my Tahoe Michelins all around. Nothing of lesser quality will do. Been down the highway too many times having a tire blow. Once got trapped against the far left lane and wall in 110 degree AZ heat. Burned my hands changing the tire praying no one would hit the truck doing 75mph in rush hour. Never again especially now that a I have a family of my own.

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