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Discussion in 'Board Supporters' started by Jim Weise, Jan 15, 2007.

  1. Jim Weise

    Jim Weise 1000+HP

    For 2006, costs vs donations went like this:

    We had 76 contributors.
    Total contributions, after paypal costs $ 3325.80

    2006 costs for liscensing, hosting, upgrades and Maintainence $ 4040.40

    I appreciate everyone who took the time and spent the money to help support our board here.

    It should be noted that Mike Bucy, spent hundreds of unpaid hours upgrading and maintaining the site in '06, as he has done since day one. We all owe him a huge thanks!

    V8buick.com was founded by Mike Bucy and I on Feb 2, 2002. Thanks for a great 5 years!
    Because of the efforts and willingness to help and share information by our members (over 14 thousand) we are the number one source for information and online support and fellowship for V8 powered Buicks... and this site is commonly known as one of the best resources in the automotive world on the net. That's a great pat on the back for all our members.

    Here's to the next 5 years :beer

  2. the loon

    the loon Well-Known Member

    Gee, if all 14,000 members would give a buck we would be paid up for a couple of years or more. With that many memebers there is no reason donations shouldn't equal or exceed cost. Can I get an amen? And a commitment? Amen. Checks in the mail Jim, this forum is better than porn and my wife doesn't mind if i look at this one. I would do paypal but i don't know how.
  3. jimhirt

    jimhirt 1970 Stage 1 19A, 1970 GS

    Thank you very much for your help on the gs hood. Looks great. When I get back to my hometown for a visit I will check in to your shop. You can show me were the punch clock is if you need any help sweeping the floor.
    Thanks a buick bunch, donation has been sent.
  4. gui_tarzan

    gui_tarzan Certifiable

    You guys are right, I know it takes a lot of money and time to make a site like this work so I just sent a meager donation to help.

    Thanks for providing this awesome site!
  5. jimhirt

    jimhirt 1970 Stage 1 19A, 1970 GS

    my bucks in for the bump:beer
  6. getnbye

    getnbye 65GS.COM

    First off a big AMEN!

    Like anything else wonderful in life.. this isn't or should be free either.

    All 14,000 members should enjoy the fact that this isn't a "pay to use" site.

    Jim is gracious enough to trust that a percentage of his members will donate enough to cover the cost of maintaining this wonderful asset to the Buick community.

    I challenge all of you to either send in a PayPal donation or put something that's been laying around on Ebay or the "For Sale" section of this board and donate that money to v8buick.com

    It's got to come from somewhere folks and I promise you that I'll do my share (and a little more) again this year.


  7. rjfox

    rjfox Well-Known Member

    jim, where does the vast majority of costs come from? i would be willing to help in anyway needed, including, but not limited to cash donations.

  8. Jim Weise

    Jim Weise 1000+HP


    The largest single cost is monthy hosting/server fees..
  9. rjfox

    rjfox Well-Known Member

    Jim -

    Where do you host? What platform do you use?
  10. Jim Weise

    Jim Weise 1000+HP


    Email Mike Bucy at mbucy@sherbel.net-- he does all the tech stuff.

    I can tell you it's an outfit called "the planet", and we have had tremendous luck with them.. in uptime and service.. so moving to another host is not in the cards.

  11. rjfox

    rjfox Well-Known Member

    fair enough... i just want to help all that I can, and if my technical knowledge and experience can be utilzed then even better.
  12. rd1970gs

    rd1970gs Well-Known Member

    Where would you send a contribution? Could it be by paypal?
  13. APVGS

    APVGS Ottawa Go Fast Guy!!

    I am quite surprised by the low donation count in comparison to the amount of members/users.For what this site/club (and it is essentially a club in my eyes anyway) offers I am sure quite a few more folks could afford to throw a few $$ towards it!!!..there..feel guilty now???? :laugh: Later,Tony.
  14. NSBound

    NSBound Well-Known Member

    On the Blue bar across the top of this page is a heading marked "DONATE". Having done for for 2007, I would encourage everyone who benefits from this board to make a donation of ANY size to help keep it alive and well. :beer :grin: It's like everything else, their costs keep going up, and there have been some great speed improvements in the past while! (Good Job JW and Mike B!)
  15. MikeM

    MikeM Mississippi Buicks

    TTT. Personally I'd like to see more members support the board financially so Jim can at least break even.

    Local guys should buy him and Mike a beer from time to time, or dinner. Maybe a bushel of corn or a few dozen eggs.

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