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    Alright guys now I know this has been hashed back and forth but here's what I'd like to do. I have a reasonably stock 73 455 in a s10 pickup. Truck will never see drag strip. Occasionaly raced from stoplight. I'm not afraid to step on it but no slicks. Nowl i'm simply not going to put out 2500 dollars for a built 200r4. If I could buy a reasonable rebuilt one and if someone thought it would work for my application I'd probably do that. thats stock rebuilt. Someone told me early 80s cheby pickups with diesel engines (olds) had 700r4 trans. No matter. Will good stock 200r4 trans stand up to reasonably mild street use in like new condition? thanks for info and this is a bitchin web site Bernie Steffen
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    They put that transmission in the GN, and it stood up pretty well. I suppose, if the vehicle is light, and you are using stock 455, and not hooking it up, it should survive. Alot of the money spent for a bulletproof 200R4 is for the improved hard parts that go into the transmission, to make it withstand the torque, after all, transmissions are rated by the torque they can handle. Maybe you can buy something halfway, like this TCI 200R4:

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    Larry Thanks for info. Will consider this solution Bernie Steffen

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