2012 Support level status and goal

Discussion in 'Board Supporters' started by Jim Weise, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. Jim Weise

    Jim Weise 1000+HP


    Our goal for 2012 is $6650.00. This covers operating costs and related expenses for the board.

    2012 Donations currently:



    To Donate:

    Via Paypal- just click the "donate" button in the board header, and follow the prompts.- You can use your paypal account funds, or a CC thru paypal, and you don't have to have an account.

    Via Mail:
    Make check or MO out to V8Buick.com
    Mail to:
    PO Box 199
    Pine City, MN 55063

    Via phone for a Credit/debit card (Visa, Master, Discover, American Express)

    320-629-8999 or 612-532-2207 10am-8pm M-F, .

    Please include your username with your donation, and you will be listed in the 2012 contributor list.


  2. offbrand Racing

    offbrand Racing Platinum Level Contributor


    2012 contribution sent!!
  3. moleary

    moleary GOD Bless America

    Thanks Jim, a 2012 contribution has been sent via paypal!
  4. oldrocka

    oldrocka John

    Thanks Jim, :TU:

    2012 contribution sent.
  5. htrdbuick

    htrdbuick Gold Level Contributor

    Jim, long overdue contribution sent. I've been a member for a long time but never contributed before. I guess the donation is my way of saying thanks for making this site possible :beers2:
  6. 2 68 Rivs

    2 68 Rivs Gold Level Contributor

    Thanks Jim, just sent my contribution via PayPal.
  7. Briz

    Briz Platinum Level Contributor

    Jim, How close did we come to meeting last yrs goals?
  8. ap1672

    ap1672 Silver Level contributor

    2012 donation sent :Smarty:
  9. Jim Weise

    Jim Weise 1000+HP

    We were 2K short..

    I fault myself for that, I did a poor job of keeping the list updated, and keeping this issue front and center for you guys. Plus I realize it's a tough economy out there.

    With buying a house, and moving both my home and Tri-Shield, plus keeping up with the work as best as possible, it was a crazy year that left me with little computer time.

  10. 69GS400s

    69GS400s ...my own amusement ride!

    dont worry, we still luv you

    ... DonationMan is on his way :3gears:

    Nice Avitar BTW
  11. ubushaus

    ubushaus Gold Level Contributor

    Payday today - I'm in!

    BUICKRAT Torque Rules!

    Donation sent! Please confirm!

    Thanks for the site!:TU:
  13. gszinny

    gszinny Platinum Level Contributor

    Thanks Jim, Donation sent by paypal..Dan Zinn..:beer
  14. Briz

    Briz Platinum Level Contributor

    Mine will be forth coming when the money tree blooms in the spring. Until then most of my projects will be put on hold.
  15. gbsean

    gbsean Moderator

    The Buick Performance Group Donated $250 and will be sending Jim W Spectator and Race Ticket to Raffle off with proceeds going to the V8 board. In return the V8 board will be listed as a sponsor of our Event for the Car Show. This has been approved by Jim Weise and Mike Bucy. This is a donation to help promote Buick's and Fun and support a board that is loaded with valuable information and has continued to Promote Buick's and the friendships that can develop from owning these cars and attending National Events. Thank you Jim and Mike for allowing The Buick Performance Group to help support your Board.
  16. MikeM

    MikeM Mississippi Buicks

    I can't match all of that, but my check's in the mail. I sold a car on here recently. It's a great board to buy, sell, and ask questions. Although I don't use it as much as I used to, it's a great forum to research things about the cars and just bs sometimes.

    Hope you'll publish who gave. Put the guilt onto those that are freeloading so they know who they are.
  17. 64 wildcat conv

    64 wildcat conv Silver Level contributor

    2012 doantion sent via paypal. Thanks for the great site :TU:
  18. bostongsx

    bostongsx Platinum Level Contributor

    Paypal sent:TU: Any chance you can allow people that have donated to increase the size of their pm mailbox?
  19. Jim Weise

    Jim Weise 1000+HP

    Possibly Herb... I would have to do it manually, so I would probably limit it to donations of $100 and up..

    But let me think about it.

  20. Jim Weise

    Jim Weise 1000+HP

    Updated.. Thanks for the quick start guys, let's make that goal this year!


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