2019 GSR class info/changes

Discussion in 'GSCA events' started by hugger, Dec 23, 2015.

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    If it extends to windshield and covers holes in the structure completely then yes it's fine, BUT we will be discussing some possible changes for 2019 tightening up on the interior rule will be one of them as will an exterior concern I have. The goal is to keep car count, include as many guys as possible BUT also mold the class into what the majority of the other cars are now and what we Invision GSR cars to be. We are not just an extension of Super 16,...so the class will distance itself from the others as time and car count allows

    Rules run guys off, I know that, so it's a fine line.

    But yes you sound like you will be ok this year
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    Be sure to review the rules for 2019 fellas,..remember muffler case length has been changed as well as a couple "appearance" rules.

    Read the exhaust rule carefully before going nuts about changing your mufflers,..ha

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