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  1. Jim Weise

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    NHRA stock eliminator cars are the natural fit for this class, but you have outlawed them all... Every one has the LODR series sticker on them, and the car number/class designation on the quarter window.. because it's required... and most have contingency stickers, names of either sponsors, the racing team, or the car, or all the above.

    I am in the early stages of building a D stocker 70 GS, that I was hoping to compete in a class like this at the nats... but I will just leave it at home, and bring the Super Gas car and run S-16..

    Now my cars will obviously have the company name on them.. and a rule that makes me leave it at home, doesn't hurt me a bit, but it does hurt the class. That's all I am saying.

    You should have 40+ cars in a class like this. They should be coming to the GS nats to run this class.. not just organizing the guys who are always going to be there.. that is the definition of success.

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  2. Buizila

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    Look,we appreciate your input and concern in the rules. Not looking to get into a debate about them. They are set for what we want and are looking for in our class. Plus,if we were to have a 40 car count. We would be out casting slower cars that fit in the field now due to faster qualifying times to knock the count down. There would be no way we could run a 40 cars during our slow running GS Nats. At that count it would take 2 days of racing to get through the finals. The Buschers had no problem removing Blu Bayou off their car to be able to run this yr,and Sr is building a car specific to our field as we speak. This is why everyone likes our class,they can relate there cars to ours. All the rules Ethan has set in place have been agreed upon by all the racers. Was there any lettering in the GSE class,I can't recall?
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  3. Bens99gtp

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    I've not been able to get my schedule to line up with the nationals so do know how they run stuff there, wht would it take 2 days to run through 40 cars? That's only 6 rounds??

    If my letters were vinyl I would remove, but paint under clear coat doesn't just peel off.........I'm sure there would be future issues somewhere with someone complaining I have glass doors......even though they have door panels and factory latches and handle........so it will just be easier for me to stay away

    I wish I could fall in but the value of dad surprising me with a custom paint job means far more to me than any purse......its no big deal, I hoped it would fit, it just doesnt.
  4. Jim Weise

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    Nope, don't care to debate it either, like I said, just trying to help..

  5. Buizila

    Buizila GO BROWNS !!!!!!

    40 car count would actually be 7 rds and my point was being that it already takes them a whole day to run us with only 4 rds because of the other classes. The turbo heads up classes are the worst. They hold up the whole event.
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  6. Bens99gtp

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    Just wondering how many entries were at the last nationals in total?? I have been to plenty of races where they have over 400 cars with most of the cars that lose 1st round buy back and they get that in a day.......I cant imagine there is anywhere near that kind of car count........sounds like the track needs to get things moved through faster.......that's had nothing to do with the gsr and I don't want to get off track.......

    I got my questions answered, and I'm fine with the answer. I figured I would ask now rather than assume and show up to find out.

    But it sounds like some of the same issues still are around that used to be at the Buick event that norwalk held. Lots of ppl fighting..........its why I stopped going to the event. They used to let the q16 cars that did qualify but the lost 1st round fall back into bracket 1 without paying to run bracket 1.....I have no issues with the cars that tried to qualify for q16 and didnt falling back. But they let 1st round losers of q16 run b1 for no entry. When I asked about it I was told they have more money in their car than I have in mine so they deserve a bone. I asked well if i lose in bracket 1 can i fall back to bracket 2 since i have more money in my car than they do, dint we all deserve the same bone? I was not so politely asked to no come back next year.

    I was hoping things had changed some over the last 12 or more years.
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  7. hugger

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    I would be reluctant to allow any more than 24 cars to be honest based on time constraints,...its basically a somewhat organized cluster,...that's just what you have with grass roots guys out there running stuff that's on the ragged edge of coming apart,..or shouldn't be going down the track at all and the track is down every other hour,...

    Unlike an actual track full of class racers that have thier stuff together and you have very little issues and when you do there is a 8 man crew to get it back in shape within minutes,....we don't have these luxuries
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  8. sriley531

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    "with grass roots guys out there running stuff that's on the ragged edge of coming apart"

    Yeah, sorry bout that..... :(
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  9. John Stevens

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    10.40's-50's has put me in the Super-16 field more often then not & the "winners circle" once.
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  10. John Stevens

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    Don't change the rules! Rather, continue to refine them. This is the most impressive class run at the event, with any one of the cars able to win at a car show as well. I will be building a car for this class as soon as I finish with another project I have going together now. Screenshot_2019-11-14-20-49-57-1.png
  11. Buizila

    Buizila GO BROWNS !!!!!!

    Sorry that it's last minute,but we just got the green light from the track that the governor okayed racing. So we can run the event. We will be running the class at Buick Bash June 18-20 at Quaker Motorsports in Salem,OH since we had no Nats. Trying to getting a head count as to who is going and participating in the class. Payouts ran over from the rained out 2019 Oct race at the GS Nats.
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